The Resurgence is Here

A while back there was a conversation a lot of people were having and a lot of people shared a sentiment with.

“Is Battleborn dying?”

For a long time, that was definitely true for many reasons (looking at you, pre-nerf Alani). However, it’s definitely no longer the case. We all knew Battleborn would pull through and come back, and boy howdy did the community deliver.
I’ve seen more new players coming in (mostly from Overwatch) and had faster match times than I have in quite a while. When I go in with my high-ELO team of 5, I see far more full teams of level 100’s and almost never see the same players twice.

Characters are more balanced than ever and I see players doing well (and even out-performing otherwise “better” characters) with Toby and Whiskey Foxtrot, and fewer players that can effectively team carry with “OP” characters like Oscar Mike or Rath.

It’s good times all-around.


Out of curiosity, what system are you playing on?

Xbox One. I know it’s still rather nasty on PC, and I’ve heard nothing from the PS4 front.

I’ve never actually considered Battlebornto be dying on consoles. Matches have generally been fine on ps4 for me since launch. It’s hard to say at the moment since a lot more people are playing PvE. Overall, I’m glad you’re getting a better experience. I really can’t wait for the next patch. Soooooooooo many new things!


[quote=“arcaneredneck, post:3, topic:1541123, full:true”]I know it’s still rather nasty on PC

Afaik, the only people that have been complaining about BB’s future prospects are PC PvP players, who require large populations of currently active players in order to get matches quickly/effectively. It doesn’t help that the only population information we can get our hands on are the Steam numbers, which do not look all that healthy for PvPers (~500-700; the number of individual accounts that have played over the last 2 weeks, however, is a much healthier 25-26k) so that number gets brought up a lot which gets people going.

Also, as a PC PvE player, I have noticed quite a few newbies (I’ve actually seen a surprising number of single digit CRs) in games (some of them are super annoying because they run around with no clue what to do and end up making everything harder; new players are a double edged sword…).

That’s true. My girl plays battleborn in PS4, I play battleborn on PC.

Her average queue time for Incursion, less than 1-2 mins peak hour. Non-peak hour less than 3-5 mins.

My average pc queue time for Incursion, less than 3-8 mins peak hour. Non-peak hour usually less than 10 mins but occasionally more than 10 mins queue.

Gotta admit console players have more population than pc, but queue time for pc is improving slowly. Maybe with the next major patch, queue time might even be better? We’ll see!

We were all once new players. hehehehe

[quote=“kelz2410, post:6, topic:1541123, full:true”]We were all once new players. hehehehe

Reminds me of a line I read in a webcomic (that I wouldn’t be surprised if it was cribbed from somewhere else):

I don’t know what’s worse… wondering if, when I was (new), I was this bad, or knowing, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that I was much, much worse.


Though us older players had the luck of being new players when everyone else was new too :stuck_out_tongue:

The skill difference between “news” and “vets” is getting bigger by the day…
I hope people will keep that in mind when playing with low levels. They are doing the best they can! Try to be supportive, everyone!


[quote=“reliikki, post:8, topic:1541123, full:true”]I hope people will keep that in mind when playing with low levels. They are doing the best they can! Try to be supportive, everyone!

The worst newbies are the high CR ones who got there by playing PvP almost exclusively. Because they’re experienced with PvP, they think all of the same stuff applies in PvE and are often the worst offenders when it comes to screwing up spawns and whatnot (especially on Sentinel when they pretty much always go on the shard breaking spree right at the start). So much hate when a PvPer runs off, spawns a massive wave, and then brings them over to the group so that we end up fighting on two fronts… and proceed to wipe.

So. Much. Hate.

Low CR newbies tend to at least play conservatively.

Until the firs 2 weeks/month of Pendles. He’s either going to be underwhelming, or overpowered. And as such with Alani, we’ll get people quitting out of char select because they can’t play Pendles.

my only issue with new players is that there really should be some sort of command level requirement in order to do the advanced queue, at least shouldnt be able to queue until you have a gear loadout at the very least.

Do keep in mind that pc matchmaking has been removed entirely, so that may be the improvement you are seeing. I think new maps will be the ticket for more players



Good lord

I’m glad you really soaked in the important parts of the topic

When it rains, it pours. This patch is going to be amazing

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If the resurgence is here, then the patch is a whole new game.

That’s the spirit! Played with a few of CR ranged from 6 to 15, we actually stomped a few 5 man pre-made team with CR 60-100. Ok maybe “stomped” is abit exaggerating, but yeah we won lots of games.

Yeah, I’m actually excited about the new maps for PVP (I’m 80% PVP and 20% PVE). Hopefully it will draws more new players and existing players will return again.

Gotta agree with you. Eventhough I play PVP more than PVE, I can honestly tell you most PVP players always f*** up and spawns a massive wave in Sentinel and it’s a team wipe. I’ve seen them doing badly in Archive too like instead of gathering shards to activate the sentry they use it for their gears…


Since when did the console need a resurgence?

PC search times suck ass.

They need to dump this stupid ELO system, whatever it stands for it I don’t know. Throw anyone in with anyone, PC players would like to play the game.

Already dumped. No Skill Based Matchmaking in place. Or very very vague.

Well Christ almighty, it’s worse than I thought. The search times are bearable yes, for incursion perhaps but as a melee character lover incursion can be a pain.