The Retcon is Bad

Homeworld 2 had a retcon in it, and it undermines the story of Homeworld 1. I am sad to see that the Homeworld Remastered has propagated this retcon into the revised historical and technical briefing, especially on a project that as far as I know does not incldue input from the credited writer of Homeworld 1.

Put simply simply, in the original Homeworld 1, the hyperspace core was something that the Exiles built, using the ancient Khar-Toba wreck as a guide, but was otherwise mundane in the grand scheme of things. It was no special advantage. The Homeworld 2 story requires this be retconned, and now it is an ancient artifact that has unique power of mobility. Thematically, this damages Homeworld 1’s story, as their victory is now not solely the product of their tenacity and a little luck, but could now be due to them having this unique, nigh magical artifact in their possession.

My intent is not to rage or flame, but simply to register and explain my discontent with this decision.


This. Just this.

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