The return of HGL

Hey everyone o/

First thing that i wanted to say was thanks to everyone who came out to this past tournament we had.(yes im also aware that the tournament ended on sunday and im a few days late)

But what I really wanted to tell everyone is thanks for all your help in spreading the word to all friends you have or strangers. I am also proud to announce that starting this weekend we will be bringing tournaments back more often.

We may also try to get other rewards added to the pile wether its more skins, loot packs, ect [possible exclusive titles {gbx if your reading this :wink: }]

Well as you can tell im not much of a writer so im gonna keep it short, if your interested in joining again or know someone who is the link to both the battlefy page, discord, email will be down below.


P.S before i go thanks to mentalmars for posting an article about last weeks tournament and shoutout to all you kid ernest fans out there :wink: