The Road to Pandora is Paved with Blood, Bullets, & Badasses

Dear God, I hope I’m doing this right. Hello everyone, my name’s Space! I’m embarking on a crazy adventure and it starts here. This is my attempt at recreating a scene from the planet Pandora. I know that there are plenty of hardcore vault hunters here and I’m not gonna front; I only have 600 hours in Borderlands 2 on PC, 315 in BL1 on PC and PS3, and 200 or so in the PreSequel. I know I’m not the biggest fan of Borderlands but I love the series. I love it so much so I want to be a part of it one day. So here I am. If there is anyone that can give any criticism that would be really appreciated. I’m gonna be sharing this and other photos here and on socials so wish me luck!

PS: The title of the post is the title for this series I think. And bonus loot for those who notice little details!


Bullets, blood and flower for laney white :grin:

Aww nuts… See I was worried my flowers would look like the ones from the Fridge but they’re actually designed like the ones found all over Pandora. In all the Borderlands 3 Trailers that take place on Pandora you can ALWAYS see these red lavender-like flowers. It was super hard to find something similar IRL but believe it or not I found a local weed that grows in a similar shape to the flowers! Obviously though they were too dark for my true Vault Hunters, which is why they look like those flowers from the Fridge… Much love for the comment Nat! Ima try to make the next one even better.

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I want my brain WASH(ed) FREE~!!

:slight_smile: What a nice scene!!

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