The Rocketeer is totally viable now

Credit to Osterberg501 for inspiring me to test this out.

A rough draft of the skill layout is here. The key skill here is Explosive Punctuation as it will get the IB skill off of cooldown while AB remains out – and as long as you and AB are doing splash damage and chucking nades, you should have nothing to worry about. A shield with CDR on kill is nice, but you can easily get him off of cooldown without it.

One thing to keep in mind is that any effect designated for IB doesn’t necessarily apply to AB, including the bubble shield and the 20% chance to spawn grenade anointed effect. :frowning:

MVP guns for this build:

– The Scourge, the Lump, the Boring Gun, and the Flakker for covering a large area. (Looked a the Hive, but its damage is so so)

– The Burzum and WhiZzperer for sniping targets at a distance.

– Blisters and the Long Musket for psychos and other charging enemies.

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AB can be effectively immortal with the right build (lots of hp). Also, the shield works so long as you wait until it activates before leaving. It just doesnt regenerate. You can combine with Dakka for a boring, but capable playstyle. When in Dakka, you take no damage. And with 200k armor, ab is practically invincible with explosive mini guns and maxed out vampyr. Maxing out stainless steel bear makes ab last a little over 2 minutes.

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I’m still refining the build. I think I’ve honed in on my approach for bombarding groups of enemies, but I’m still working on how to efficiently focus down a single tanky enemy. At range, I just use a Q System with consecutive hits anointed effect and Short Fuse. I’ve played with a damage anointed Musket for close encounters, but it simply doesn’t do enough damage. Use a Maggie maybe? Butcher? Devoted?

Try to take a perk on the turret and sit on the auto bear. You will find an unpleasant surprise even at 200k hp. His survival is based mainly on the fact that you are a higher priority target for opponents.

That was true before the change to allow autobear to heal. Until whatever happened that kicked my cooldown to 3 minutes, I could let autobear do his thing while in Dakka on m3 slaughter shaft. Each shot can go north of 10k in heals for autobear, and you’re getting 8 a second with explosive mini guns. The rockets would be even better, but I find that autobear doesnt use them very well. The corrosive rail gun actually works pretty well too because autobear crits pretty regularly with rail guns.

He can heal himself at 100k per shot. But it doesn’t help him when he gets focus from mobs. This is a large and stationary target. And his problem is that his HP is too small to sustain much focus, but too large to activate healthgate. I haven’t tried reducing its hp to check it out, but it seems to me that there will still be a lot left.

I was just messing around here, but rocketeer bear was able to take on traunt in M4 by himself. I killed a few guys around the outside to proc grizzled. Had to put down a 2nd iron bear because it was a somewhat slow fight, maybe 2 to 2.5min. Iron bear didn’t die once.

A mob of badass zealots, anointed and melee enemies would be a different story probably. That anointed purple hovering ball can knock him to like 5% health just like your character. But unless you just left him to fight everything completely on his own, he’d be fine usually.

I’m not sure what you’re getting at with health gate. Iron Bear has health gate, it can’t be one shot from full to zero. Health gate isn’t a stop gap like mechanic, you aren’t immune after the attack. It’s just a mechanic that prevents one single shot from downing, not any follow up shots right afterwards.

Anyway, it’s viable and you could make a great grenade regen class with it. But it’s much weaker and slower than other mods. Just for fun build.

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Trant with mobs not a lot of damage. But there is another problem. Even if you use AB on a raid in a crowd of opponents, it will live. But that’s because opponents passively attack it and are more focused on you. If you try to use AB as a safe through the turret, then AB will be destroyed in seconds, because opponents will immediately pay attention to it. In fact, AB doesn’t tank much. Maximum, on that he capable - this an additional damage and replenishment ammunition through ability to.

I’m thinking you just have a different take on the word viable? Like, M4 slaughter shaft is probably not going to go well with rocketeer.

To me it’s just a build for fun if you’re playing side missions or something on M4. It works, but it isn’t the best at all.

Slaughter star on M4? If someone made a successful rocketeer build for that, I’d be shocked.

Is that what you want?

No, I said rocketeer I’d be shocked. I can do any slaughter with a less impossible build to make than that…

Rocketeer would be the worst for that build because it relies on some for the road, means of destruction and redistribution. Among a bunch of on action skill end anointments.

Rocketeer is a gimmick. If it gave points to Means of Destruction it would really seperate itself from the other Legendary COMs. I like AB, I use it as often as possible. The added skills on Rocketeer just don’t appeal to me at all, and I’d rather just build around another COM.

Also, the M4 Takedown patch seems to have fixed short fuse. I’d recommend taking it for more MoD chances.

It kind of blows my mind some of the skills they chose for moze’s legendary mods. 2 of them have Torgue Cross promotion. If you try really hard you can make a build that utilizes it but it’s usually not worth the points and kills you more often than not.

Rocketeer should have had MoD, Vampyr, and Stainless Steel. And it should have made Auto Bear deploy in a turret.

Mind Sweeper should have had Vampyr, Pull the Holy Pin, and Redistribution.

Blast Master should have had Torgue Cross Promotion, Fire in the Skag Den, and Redistribution.


Keep Torgue Cross Promotion far away from my beautiful Blast Master you fiend


Haha totally agree. Just would’ve made more sense from a balance perspective. MoD would’ve been nice as well.

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Your grenades heal AB btw. As long as I’m throwing, he can easily face-tank 3-4 hardened badass zealots at a time on M4 Slaughter Shaft.

You’ve always been able to do this. The caveat was that you had to figure out crazy ways to boost your health so IB could survive 30-40 seconds for the cool down to be done.

IB having a much higher sustain and 150% more shields helps be able to do this with less gear though.

I thought this a lot at first, but after playing with it so much I can see that it would have been broken. The mini grenades can reproc mind sweeper each multiplying the damage.

I posted a video awhile ago basically 1 shotting Billy on MH4 because the grenade crit, spawned a mini grenade that crit, that spawned a mini grenade that crit. He was hit with over 2M damage in the blink of an eye because the grenade I was using multi hit.

I’ve been able to hit the Jack Dummy in Sanctuary for over 750k Damage with a mini grenade before. This would be day one GiTM levels of broken because you can literally crit anything with grenades, no aim necessary.

They should’ve made the mini nades not able to crit. I know, that’d be controversial, but it’d be balanced if your own grenades had a higher chance to crit to make a micro. Not as fun and wacky, but I think a higher chance would be fantastic for Vampyr.

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A little Rocketeer gameplay from this weekend. I think I’m finally getting a hang of it:

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good stuff man! fun video. i saw the auto bear annointments, im assuming the rocketeer cpunts as autobear still? also does rocketeer proc MoD for your guns?

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