The Root Sniper

Anyone have a spare ‘Root’ sniper riffle they’d send me ? I’d really appreciate it . Do you need that DLC to use the gun though?

That is DLC. I think base game the best sniper is the Krakatoa.

@Dalbuc I know it’s a DLC weapon. That’s why I gotta have someone send it to me bc I don’t have any of the DLC’s. I actually have the Krakatoa, it’s like 4k damage. I got lucky and got it from XP farming the Psychobillies.

Since you don’t have the dlc I don’t think it will let you equip it even if someone sends it over

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@Tokethekronic that’s what someone else said but then again someone told me you can still use it. So idk if I can use it or not.

ah fair enough well I can hop on in an hourish here and send you one over. I got one with consecutive hits and 200%asa

@Tokethekronic your the man ! Thank you. I hope I can use it.

You need DLC to use its items.