The Rough Rider (BL2 > BL3)

It’s quite simple, In Borderlands 2 The rough rider would give you different amount of bonus hp based on level or even (OP level.)

In Borderlands 3 The rough rider is the same but instead of scaling the HP it will ALWAYS give you 35% Extra Hp.

In a game based around looting better gear why would you create an item with LITERALLY the EXACT same Stats at LV 1 as LV 57.


They are the same if you have blank RR, without any additonal perks.

It always has damage reduction and bonus HP. And it can’t come with anything else. Do some fact checking before you give false answers please!

It can spawn with Adrenaline, Fleet, and Roid parts. The health bonus is fixed, so it’s better (at least for me) cause you don’t need to farm over and over the same item.


I would be fine with the shortcoming of it’s bonuses if there were as many skill bonuses that related to depleted shields.

In BL2 every VH had some sort of bonus when your shield was empty. So this really gave the Rough Rider a niche(sometimes meta) permanent bonus.

Moxxi weapons also had a lot to do with the effectiveness of the Rough Rider in BL2 as well. Since most HP regen skills were numerical% per second vs % per second in BL3 raising your HP increased the time it took t ok get back above healthgate. This is where the life steal of Moxxi weapons came into play.

If there were more skill synergies with depleted shields in BL3, we would see a lot more use from the Rough Rider. But it’s a little out of place for the most part.

It would be cool though if the bonus health/DR scaled with level somehow.


Given that it’s a percentage, and that HP themselves scale with level, technically it is scaling with level.

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A sample level 50 RR (sample because shield parts make a big difference) is +24917. Base level 50 health is 36058.

That particular one is Hyperion/Maliwan/Maliwan which happens to be perfect (an inferior parted RR should be around 20K). This gives a roughly 70% boost, double that of the BL3 version. DR is essentially the same (20 vs 23%).

A level 72 shield has +366620 health. Level 72 base health is 530564. Hey look, +70%.

How big a deal is that? BL2’s best RR users were Krieg and Sal (so much so that I didn’t use anything else). I’m not experienced enough with BL3 to be able to rate the BL3 toons’ passive healing and shield-down skills, but the primary question really is : does it do the job?

So does it? Seems to for me. Would I like more health? Sure, but extra health is available on grenades, COMs and relics.
And the potential bonuses to melee, speed and/or reload certainly make up for it.

And, who cares if a level 1 shield does the same job as a max level? Saves a trip to The Bulwark :wink:


problem with RR (excluding the perks) in BL3 is that there are less skill interaction with the vault hunters (only zane i think has).

unlike BL2, sal have inconceivable, krieg has lots in mania tree and maya have fleet.

even axton and zero have skill synergies with rough rider.


I’d much rather have the % boost that the flat one, just saying.

That’s more the point than what I gather the OP is concerned about. The shield is fine - there’s just less one can do with it in 3.

I agree it’s nice to not have to grind away farming The Bulwark every 5 or 10 levels. But different parts systems in the games, so that’s what we get.

Regardless, an on-level BL2 RR gives 60-70%.


The Rough Rider is mediocre in Borderlands 3. However, the Adrenaline Initiative, which is a purple shield that guaranteed drops the first time you kill Vincent in DLC2, is amazing.

50% more health, comes anointed, +13% damage, 13% damage reduction. I use this shield on a Tank Amara I made. Amara has +health skills and damage reduction skills in her green tree as it is. You can use an Initiative shield along with a Stone class mod which offers additional damage reduction. Since Amara has her elemental lifesteal skill, as long as you keep firing, you can tank a shocking amount of damage. It’s the most fun build for her I’ve come up with so far.

If you’re disappointed with the Rough Rider, try the Initiative! It feels like the Rough Rider done right for BL3.


Yeah Initiative is a lot better than the RR. Just sucks that you cant farm it.

A bit of a side note but just how viable is melee in BL3? I have a high level RR (it may be level 57 since my Moze found it) but I’ve honestly no idea who could use it best and right now my other characters are only level 16-17.

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Right now, melee is not really viable as you go into the Mayhem levels, but it looks like that is about to change starting tomorrow! We’ll see then. It would only affect you if you’ve hit the level cap anyways.

Amara is the character with the melee buffs/skills, and she is also the character with +life and +damage reduction skills. If you’re going to attempt a melee build or use a RR, I’d say Amara is probably your best bet.

Secondarily, I’d say maybe Zane could wear a RR, since he has barrier and lifesteal skills to keep his life constantly full. That said, Zane also has skills that are based off of how full his shields are, so you’d really need to find a way to make up for the damage lost when not having a “real” shield.


I levelled my current Amara almost exclusively on melee. Then I completed the story to unlock M-levels. I went to M4 to start and it sucked. Bad. Once I got an Unleash the Dragon relic, it was very good. White Elephant improved things too but not to the same degree.


I don’t know guys… I still think it’s trash


The old rough rider was a better bang for buck because of the hp scaling as a raw stat that varied and increased

Everything in bl3 is flat%. Same parts same values.

The only caveat. Is this rough rider can give u sheild depleted and melee reload?

It really should allow for multivitamin rolls.
They need to allow more modifiers on the RR.

Rough rider and 3 rolls besides its normal affect.

They really didnt make it feel legendary.
Hopefully they have an update making it Gold.