The Rough Rider Build?

RNG Jesus was smiling on me and I received a level 50 The Rough Rider Shield. What are some builds to help me maximize my damage and allow me to not die much due to me not having a shield.

Note: the skills with 1 on them are 6/5 with class mods.

Reason for some skills:

Steady: I am a type of player that likes to land shots frequently and that recoil reduction really helps. The rocket and nade dmg is a bonus

Ranger: I feel like putting 5 points in it is a must. Like what it says it gives you a little bit of something. If you could convice me of putting those 5 points into somethings else feel free.

Battlefront: +30% more damage when your turret is out. The Legendary Soilder mod I am using gives 10/5 on my sentry skill so for that time I have a turret slagging my target while giving me a dmg buff…you can’t go wrong with this perk.

If any of those skill points are better put into something else please comment down where I should put in total 15 skill points

And thanks for reading

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The health bonus from a level 50 Rough Rider won’t do much of anything for you at your current level. If you were to use a rough rider (its possible, but it’s a waste to squander Axton’s awesome shield skills), I would suggest making sure it’s at least on level before you change your build around.

This thread might help if you’re really bent on doing this.


Note the bit in that Leatherneck guide about Forbearance; without it, a little DoT will waste you. I like playing sketchy/dangerous builds, but using Axton with the Rough Rider… only after some warm up and a fortified breakfast of Wheaties. :blush:

I’m not saying ‘don’t do it’ (quite the contrary - I encourage anyone to try something new in this game), just… ‘heads up’.

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Rough Rider is usually the choice of Salvador or Krieg players, or as a level skip (or difficult jump) option for Maya… Not sure what you’re trying to get out of it… For example, Sal players want to boost Inconceivable and therefore chain Money Shot (I now the RR does others things for Sal too), Krieg players want the survivability to limit self damage from STV and your shield is down anyway a lot with a melee character, Maya players want to boost Fleet to run superfast… What are you looking to boost by having your shields down? If there’s not a good answer to that, you probably want something else.

I wanted to try something new with Axton, it seemed good till I read about it but I will first test it to see if it’s good but more importantly fun.

I think I will make a Sal or Siren, Axton isn’t cutting it out anymore.

This guys really helped me conclude on what skills to use. Thanks man
Not sure if you plan to stay at level 61 but the last 2 points I would put in either Duty Calls or Last Ditch Effort. I use a Fastball for my FFL weapon and even on OP8 Do or Die really saves his bacon while Longbow Turret makes your turret much more likely survive- and if your foes are attacking it, they aren’t attacking you, allowing YOU to deal much more damage to them

I would wait until reaching level cap before messing around with the Rough Rider on Axton as by that point you will be able to actually support it with all the skill points and equipment you can farm. Grit is mandatory with the Rough Rider along with a good chunk of the Survival tree as without those skills, especially Grit, you may as well just dig yourself a hole and bury yourself to save the bandits the effort.

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