The Rough Riding Moze

I might later turn this into a build thread or make a new one. Lately I’ve been messing around with the Rough Rider. I know that might seem odd, but with Vampyr scaling with boosted health and RR providing 35% damage mitigation, I actually turn into a little tank. Provided I can throw grenades semi constantly.

The build focuses on getting Short Fuse and either filling out the Bottomless Mag build or going half on both the other trees to get Drowning in Brass.

I can’t settle on which COM I like more. Mind Sweeper and Blast Master both work excellently. Depending on how far I go into the other trees depends on the other guns I use. Even non splash guns like the ION laser work really well with Short Fuse. Plus the tankiness of the build lets me get in the enemies face for the projectiles to hit on trigger release. Only problem with Mind Sweeper is that Torgue Cross Promotion kills me way too much.

Anyone else have any insights or thoughts on this? The build surprisingly works very well.


Mind Sweeper is the one that throws little grenades on crit? I’d be all over that… aren’t enough grenades in the world to feed Vampyr enough for me to be comfortable going in “shieldless”, even with the Rough Rider. I haven’t been sold on Torgue Cross Promotion myself (splash radius is acceptable to me at its current radius, and I loathe small proc chances like that, there are other skill I’d much rather have in that tree, and you’re the second person I’ve seen who mentioned that the radius can get back in the user’s face).

I’ll give it a spin though - I’m sitting on a couple of Rough Riders without a home at the moment. My Torgue Moze has a slew of points in the Shield of Retribution tree that would be wasted here, but my Vladof Moze is up for this challenge (and she can feed the Mind Sweeper with crits much easier).


If you want to add to rough riding options; bloodletter with added points into trl will give a decent base shield to synergize with armored infantry and reap benefits of DM


wait what? How does Bloodletter work with a rough rider? Wouldnt it just add nothing, since there’s nothing there? Even if it added something, wouldnt it simply never regen, or worse, wouldnt it stop you from being able to regen your health? I’m a confused.

My biggest problem with Mayhem 4 is that no matter how high i get my base health, and no matter how much DR i get, i still feel like i get health gated quite often. Maybe I’m not playing smart enough?

It actually works surprisingly well, trl is creating shield capacity that you can fill extremely well through vampyr with that nice 9000+ hp to work with.
With 5 points in TrL and a deathless - moze easily gets 18000 shield capacity
Only issue is the 75% health/ shield anointment only applies to the hp; also doubtfull the hidden bonus in 120% anointments will count due to this

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Ya’ll got me wanting to try on my old Rough Rider today when i get home.

When I messed around with added shield capacity it just gave a number that would never regenerate. I guess Bloodletter would be absolutely required, but I was building more damage with Blast Master or Mind Sweeper. I’ll have to give it another try with a bloodletter.

The damage mitigation from Rough Rider alone was great to keep me alive. If my math is correct then effective health with Rough Rider is:

( 6500 base x 1.35 ) / ( 1 - .23 ) = 11,396 effective health.

Which is pretty good with constant Vampyr procs. Though I could see how the Bloodletter would be good.

Adding this to my possible mindsweeper/ white elephant melee if i ever get the right rolls

The added damage reduction; mitigate incindiary-vulnerability, VI for shock reduction, and possible +6 to DM…with the right rolls it could be close to BM for damage; maybe surpass it w/o splash weapons

My issue with that is how damage mitigation usually suffers from diminishing returns when adding to it. Plus now with multiple points in thin red line you are back to being past health gate and are in the same boat as a regular bloodletter build, that would likely do better with just a BBB.

My focus with this is to be tanky. Have a huge health pool with a great percent healing skill and bounce the health while killing.

The issue I have with the rough rider is Topped Off doesn’t proc. That’s what made me settle on the Band of Sitorak. It constantly procs Topped Off because it recharges so quickly. Can give a higher health boost (up to +50) and while it doesn’t have damage reduction it does have a damage boost while depleted among other possible effects.

Dots are annoying on it sometimes though.

I have a few different rough riders. Fleet/roid that give a constant speed and melee boost. And I have one with 30% cooldown on enemy killed anointed one, but it’s not even close to Topped Off.

I like the idea. It’s the literal antithesis to the usual Bloodletter-Moze builds. Regarding the COM: Minesweeper is great in theory, but it’s suicidal tendencies could bite you in the ass if it doesn’t fit your playstyle as the grenades do a hefty amount of self-damage. The good old Blast Master would be the most reliable choice here, although you could also make use of the Green Monster if it fits your build. I personally don’t like it without Forge, but that’s a thing of preference. I definitely wouldn’t make it a Tediore build though as Fire in the Skag Den would kill you way too easily.

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id really enjoy a build thread bro! i loved your CoV build, id love to see what you come up with next

More test are needed. Also thank you for reminding me. I forgot to upload a video of me playing the CoV build.

It’s fun but honestly it’s nothing all that special, unfortunately.

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Does the Best Master work on the White Elephant bomblets?

Oh wow, I was sure it would, but White Elephant grenades aren’t triggering Vampyr for me (where grenades from the Blast Master definitely do).

Yeah, you have to take the descriptions in the item cards very literally — those are “sticky bombs” not nades.

But they do proc mindweeper micros that dont damage moze

Yes, just like Torgue stickies, you have two chances at procing micro nades — when they stick and when they detonate.

Its more like alchemist stickies in this case… as only fl4k can get criticals with a facepuncher

I’ve been mulling over the idea of creating a secondary build for Moze that’s focused on Iron Bear seeing as IB’s involvement in my primary build is 100% Auto Bear. And I was wondering about the Rough Rider - does Iron Bear also gain the damage reduction in addition to the extra max health?