The Rumble Ideas Thread

Let’s brainstorm some Rumble ideas that would make interesting spotlight events for the future, who knows? Maybe Gearbox will take some of our ideas and implement them. I liked Chaos Rumble, what other wacky things can they do to make the game more fun and interesting on a weekly basis?

  • HIGH SPEED RUMBLE: : Doubles the movement speed of every character.
  • SLO-MO RUMBLE: Halves the Movement Speed of every character
  • NO RUNNING RUMBLE: Disables Sprinting and movement speed buffs from Accelerators (on players, not minions).
  • Minions of Doom Rumble: Minion attacks auto-kill players.
  • 0 Gravity Rumble: Doubles or even Triples the height of jumps of all Battleborn.
  • Friendly Fire Rumble: Enables friendly fire.

What are some ideas you guys can come up with? Which ones do you think would be fun? DISCUSS!


Double or triple minions, either in volume or frequency. Or perhaps replace Shepherds with Elites in Meltdown.

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Add Ronin and Rocket bots to capture maps. Have them roam near areas or patrol paths.

Add Varelsi portal spawns randomly to all maps


Horde mode.

Race against you opponents to clear waves of varelsi. Like meltdown but with a communal wave.

Immortal Battleborn Rumble (or "N.E.R.D Battle):
No one can die - but everything else can take quadtriple damage (like Sentries for example). You won’t be able to get assists or deaths, but who cares when you’re dealing 20,000 damage on Thorn.

Level 10 brawl. All players start with level 10 helices.


Oh god no. Orendi with Pillar Storm out of the gate is just asking for a bad time. Lmao

Endless waves of enemies against you and your team. Every 10th level is a boss and every 5th is a mini boss. The longer it goes the harder enemies get. Killing bosses can give their legendary loot as well as packs. Obtaining certain levels, say every 20, awards a random command pack or a command pack for the faction of your character.

May have to make use of teleportation/HUGE maps/heliophage’s boss map to get area’s large enough for certain bosses

Edit: Could make it end after 100, 150 or 200 levels and award a legendary pack for completion

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Thorn would be the goddess of those mode…

High speed + blight: thorn can run to the enemy base and back before thralls spawn
Slo-mo + blight: full dmg from bligh… you just cant get out!
Gravity + jump+ quick meele: benedict would be jelous of thorn flying habilitis

Bonus: alani would be pushed side to side of the map. Ernest quick meele +bomb made me fly so high i saw grey in overgrow