The Saboteur is hurting the pve experience

Please remove Saboteur from public matchmaking list, all it gives players is frustration.

That’s not really a great reason. It’s a tough mission, but it’s possible to beat it. Why patch it to take it out when they could just fix the one encounter of the mission that causes a problem?

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Because fixing it requires much more time. There’s development process, there’s QA department, there’s probably some internal testing as in actually playing through the mission at least a few times, then there’s the roll-out process which can be dependent on a particular schedule, also keep in mind that rollout can be really tricky as there’re multiple platforms, etc. All the while people buy the game, start doing pve and find it broken. Guess what they’ll write on Metacritic and Steam reviews?

I feel all the testing and QA has already been done by players. They have a lot of data already and if they want to fix it, they will. Removing it from the playlist (and then limiting data intake) would actually seem worse.

I think communication is really the biggest key on the mission. I tried running it with randos twice but since we weren’t communicating we couldn’t change up to deal with the mobs as efficiently. Also Hero composition wasn’t the best (I played Oscar Mike with a Bouldar, Rath, and a Marquis once then the second I played as Caldarius, with a Montana and a

Is it tougher than the other missions. Yes. But that to me is what makes it fun.

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For common random Story mode teams this is true, I’ve yet to not fail with a team on that.
I also stated before it is my honest belief some of those other game peeps are using it to grief this game.

no it doesn’t just remove the ability for channelers to get up on the third floor of the facility and remove the range attacks from the little dog things that deal 5% of novas health per hit. or hell quick and dirty fix just double her health on the third encounter

What you are describing would be fine if you just replace the “normal” word with “advanced”. Otherwise, you’re right.

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You could just not vote for it.

Yes it does.

It fails all the time which translates into wasted players’ time and thus frustration and bad opinion about game’s pve.

So how do you make new players not vote for it? Please elaborate.

again no it doesn’t. just double nova’s HP today and youll see a huge improvement in success rates this would take maybe 15 minutes to change. you could also remove some of the channelers and other range mobs rather easily. but id say that would be at least an afternoon.

Yes it does. Doesn’t seem like you’ve read the explanation about dev process I wrote in that post. You don’t “just change” something and then immediately roll it out in live environment. Well you sometimes do, but that’s a fast road to even bigger screw ups.

The main problem of this mission is at the third defense: Scaven inflict insane damage on the core, bad placement of the mine that is between the ladders, next to core: it simply useless, most enemies are out of range. Renegade, for example, have great buildable placement spots, and it doesn’t have Varelsi spawning just next to the core.

Gearbox (Jythri) have already said that they recognise that it’s too difficult, and are working on tweaking it. Lemme find the post…hang on…