The Saboteur is so hard! Can anyone help?

Really need help with The Saboteur on normal mode… I’ve tried multiple times with randoms and it just doesn’t work… always lose on the last defense 3rd wave… need help please. Would love to get a permanent group

It’s been acknowledged by the developers that The Saboteur is currently too hard. There’s a patch coming, hopefully next week, which should address that. You may therefore want to wait until that’s out before attempting it again.

thanks man however i’ve just managed to complete it just a couple of mins ago! Thanks to some good randoms at last!

Glad to hear you nailed it! I was hung up on that one myself. If you’re 18+ and at all interested in finding a regular crew, feel free to check out our group on the100. I’ve been playing in sessions every night this week, and it definitely beats queuing with randos - lots of friendly, helpful folks so far in this group. Sign up is easy, then just join a session or post your own. Either way, good games to you and cheers!

Um just to let you guys know they doubled the health of every stationary objective in the last hotfix, which was on thursday

It’s easier solo, I did it as Whiskey Foxtrot, and that was a few days before the hotfix.

It was? felt like it wasn’t… with a bad team it can still get pretty ugly

I will check it out, thanks! Good games to you too!