The Saboteur mission (help)

I need a full team that knows how this mission goes and can do well.

Required: One player must have Toby unlocked and can use him well (his barrier got my last team very close to completing the last defense core)

Recommended: No Assassins (maybe one melee at most will be fine), having heavy damage dealing characters and preferably no healer/support (those guys aren’t really needed if you can take a beating)

Gamertag is RAPster2736. Send a party invite and game invite and help each other out

Yeah, I haven’t found a team that’s been able to beat this yet.

I’m a passable Toby, but I’ve never used him on Saboteur, so maybe someone else is better suited.
I main Shayne and Aurox, who are obviously a brawler duo, but the boomerang gives good mid-range. Or I could go Whiskey Foxtrot or someone.

GT: Battiest Badger

There are people in this thread and others linked to it that may want to help out. Feel free to give them a shout.