The Saboteur pretty much can't be done, right?

Holy cow, you solo’d it with Boulder?

I tip my hat to you good sir.

I beat it on normal, I don’t really think out characters choices were that great and I waiting to get better gear before I run the campaign on advanced. I think a Reyna would be amazing on this mission though and I would love to bring a long a Galielia as well.

My only issue with your advice is that this is on normal. You shouldn’t need optimal set ups and elite team comps for the mode made for casual runs. Any other mission I might pick a niche character that complements the team and just play on the fly, but typically I just pick a tank or assassin melee.

I feel the Renegade is much more appropriately balanced. Mainly in that there aren’t several enemies with immediate LoS of your tower as soon as the spawn, while having a powerful ranged attacks. At least you can body block or bum rush the enemies on Renegade(?), but it still requires prep and tactical thinking. Saboteur just seems like far to much relative to the other missions in normal, the difficulty that I assume is balanced around PuGs.


I’m fairly sure the problem with the final defense is that nobody knows where the damage is coming from. It just suddenly happens and the game doesn’t even hint you at what went wrong besides “Oops! Better do it again, I guess!”.
I soloed it with Orendi (or was it Oscar Mike? I forgot), and it wasn’t particularly difficult until the last wave. Right until I noticed some enemies were spawning and sniping the core from an elevated position (that I still don’t know how to reach).

And there’s that scaling problem, too: when soloing it, I noticed far less special enemies than when in a full party. So I guess if you are having problems try to get a smaller group of folk together.

What’s a ‘no brainer’ about not knowing where you are being attacked from or what you did wrong?

Also, drop that attitude or people are going to do exactly what you tell them to: play something else. Then who are you going to play with or against?


Just a quick note here - I believe that this is too hard, especially on Normal difficulty.

We will be making an adjustment to this mission in a future patch. No ETA yet, but it’s definitely coming.


Yes. Because not being able to best the mission in a miraculously organized, tactical well geared PuG (Ya know, all that great and those characters when this mission can conceivably be you first/second experience with the game) means I’m casual and can’t play games where I have to think… Guess all those dozens of hours I played clearing raids and trials in MMOs within the first few weeks of their release means I’m super casual and only like games where I don’t think.

Ya know what? Let’s says your right. It doesn’t change the fact the the mission is poorly balanced relative to every other mission on normal.

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Remember everyone talk about the game and not others. If someone makes a rude or inappropriate post do not respond, just flag the post for the mods to deal with.


Right. Sorry. I tried to bring it back on topic while mentioning the fallacy in his against against mine, but it is difficult to address an argument when it’s veiled by an insult, especially when it is at you. Eh. Whatever.

Back on topic, this was my second mission, and uh, things did not go well. Not did it perk up the subsequent 4 times at the point where you defend Nova. It’s really a matter of not knowing what’s actually hitting her. Since so many enemies have projectiles, it’s a crapshoot. Not to mention you instinctively focus on the ones closest (Which the many tower defense missions involving Thralls and Verelsi condition you for), end up not even being the biggest threat.

On the one hand, it’s a very difficult mission that requires you to bebat your best with your team, on the other hand, that seems a bit of a tall order for people that might not have even unlocked a character outside the initial 8.

You guys are being so unreasonable. I didn’t attack anybody. I gave a friendly advice. If I don’t like a game, wether it’s to challenging for me or something else, then I don’t play it. Otherwise it would be the same as demanding from the developers of the dark souls series to change their game, because the gameplay is to difficult. Fact is that Battleborn is no casual game. If anybody thinks that this is some sort of insult than that guy in question has some real low self esteem. An insult is something completly different. :wink:

Probably not the best character choice for that area lol. I basically tanked it at the core and let the turrets do most the work.

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For the last time, talk about the game and not others. If you have issues with moderation pm a moderator.

Reposting this, in case it got lost in the drama.


Hmm…I just beat this on my first try, solo, with Miko, on normal difficulty, and Nova still had more than half her health.

So, a few things to consider…it was on normal, so the challenge wasn’t insane. I was solo, which also tones down the challenge. I was Miko, but the shroom is certainly no slouch in combat. But here’s the thing…I did the mission after reading these boards and I was terrified! I spent extra time gathering as many shards as I could, and my loadout is fairly cheap, so I had a lot of shards at the end. Being terrified, I walked every inch of the room and made sure I activated every defense possible before starting the encounter.

Once it started, I noticed a big strategic element that I luckily guessed with my counter defenses…the larger enemies are not nearly the threat that the weaker, low health enemies are. Those little guys are quick, and do a TON of damage to Nova. But, because they have little health, the defenses can take care of most of them for you. So, the strategy I suggest is this:

First, get thumper turrets on both sides of the room and make sure they stay up! Put an inferno trap on the main area that is next to Nova, and place a temporal trap on that pillar that’s touching Nova. The rest of the traps are up to you, but get them all up, and get an assault drone to follow you. That assault drone will take out a lot of the weak enemies amidst the chaos, leaving you to focus on the bigger enemies yourself. Keep an eye on the radar, and generally fight in that main area next to Nova. Very importantly, never go into the circle area around Nova unless you HAVE to clear out an enemy there, because this will attract more enemies to Nova and she is actually pretty weak. Keeping the enemies from touching her in the first place is key.

Work in tandem with your defenses, and success will belong to us all!

I truly hope this helps, and have fun out there! :slight_smile:


I beat this mission last night around 7pm PST as a duo.

Advanced difficulty — No voice communication – Medal: Gold
Isic as played by some guy i met on discord.
Thorn as played by myself.

It was his 4th attempt on the mission with no prior successes
It was my 1st attempt on the mission at all (no previous experience)

We completed it fairly effortlessly i feel like… he went down a couple times during the boss fight because he wasnt line of sighting the bosses explosion after his adds died.

Didn’t really see this mission as any kind of threat :confused:

Okay, tried it normal solo with a character that i didn’t really know (Orendi). Got it at the first try. Did it again with Orendi just to be sure it wasn’t just luck, and passed it just the same without any real danger (got only silver though, with something like 43k, so I probably messed up somewhere?).
So normal is manageable. But the difficulty seems above the rest even in normal indeed.

The problem is in advanced. The core gets damaged so fast and you don’t even understand what is damaging it. At least in normal you have the time to understand and cope with it. Advanced? It just happens, and you’ve lost, and why? Dunno.
I saw someone above saying he did it in advanced though, so I suppose it is doable. I need to try again.

Also, I managed to gain a few fps with turning to low the view distance (run extensive testing on that map with turning off every single parameter one by one, and except for physx (obviously since I have an AMD GPU, so I already was turning that off) this seems to be the only thing influencing the fps for me. Managed to gain 7-8 fps. So I went outside from 12 fps with 5 in combat to 18-25 outside and dropping down to 12 in combat “sometimes”. Still not fine but compared to before, that’s at least manageable.

Just got this mission with 4 randoms. I voted against it after seeing all the complaints online, but everyone else wanted to play it. Had no problems until the end, and the core got completely wrecked first wave. Started the second wave with about 3% left, and failed shortly after. Could have been a problem that we had one guy camping right on the core, but yeah… the difficulty spike was a bit ridiculous. Definitely needs a rebalance.

As solo or duo the room defenses are more effective (less enemies with lower health pool). With more people the rooms defenses aren’t near as effective at detering the enemies (they are still essential though)

Did this mission (Normal difficulty) last night as Orendi with one friend playing Caldarius. Got it on our first try. It felt easier than The Renegade.

The trap placement is pretty terrible in the last room. We put up thumper turrets and inferno traps and carried around repair drones with us to keep everything healthy. I stayed near the center and killed all of the fast melee attackers that slipped past the turrets and traps, while Caldarius ran around the room killing slower enemies.

Before I started camping the center, a few fast melee guys had slipped past and took it down to 50% health before we really noticed. After I set up shop nuking everything that got close, it didn’t budge.

The obvious problem with this mission is the scaling for how many players there are. It is easily doable with 1-4 players, but when you have 5 players, the extra enemies that spawn in are able to directly affect the core the moment they spawn. Id say until they patch it, complete it solo or with a smaller party.