The Satisfaction...New weapon Totally Unsatisfactory at mayhem 10. Which legendary weapons do not feel Legendary?🔍 Post buffs /Lets make a list

Well i wanted to know about which new weapons to you arent satisfactory? Which buffed ones Feels like vendor trash?

New Weapons dl3 weapons:

  1. Satisfaction -rocket launcher.

  2. Chandelier - Shotgun

Dlc2 weapons:

Dlc 1 weapons

  1. Pistol- Craps Lucky 7

  2. Smg - Ember’s Purge

Base Game Legendarys which have a hard time with trash/normal generic mobs.

  1. Pistols- Echo, Unforgiven, Magnificent, Linc

  2. Assault Rifles- TryBolt, Rebel’s Yell

  3. Smgs - D.N.A., DestructoSpinner, Firesale Longmusket++

  4. Shotguns: Trevonator, Red Line, Slow Hand, One Pump, Creeping Death

  5. Sniper rifles- Tankman’s Shield. Monocle, Woodblocker, Malak’s Bane.

  6. Heavy - Tunguska

Quest reward/Unique named(blue purple) weapons which do not hold up.

  1. Pistol-Boneshredder

As a rule you shouldnt need to activate an anointment just to kill trash mobs.

With them fine tuning mayhem the community can really help. Try to give a description of the weapon, maybe it was good before or has it always been bad. Explain why its does not feel legendary.

I will regularly update the list as long as people post.
Itll be awhile till everyone recollects the old weapons and test the buffs.

Echo has always been hitting too low
For the slow fire rate and hard aiming it just doesn’t reward the player with enough damage.

Shotguns: Trevonator, Red Line, Slow Hand deal way too low damage considering that they have about 1/10 the ammo count of SMGs but still don’t deal any more damage than f.e. kaoson or flipper (I am mostly using splash weapons^^)

The bone shredder is not a legendary but it’s a unique weapon and it has about 1/6? the damage of the new “Light show” while it also uses 3 ammo for 4 bullets while the light show only uses 1 ammo.

Dictator < Monarch
No need to say more.

Brainstormer < Reflux
Adjust these two to an equal damage output. They are basically the same weapon.

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The brainstormer can still handle trash group mobs i believe. It has been buffed slightly also. But at mayhem 10? Ill wait for more feedback on that one.

The dictator has been recently buffed so whether its new values ill need a few more people.

I can confirm the other ones because redline trev etc.

Good feedback updating

Regardless of how the weapons are unlocked, if it was up to me the Brainstormer and Reflux would be just as powerful as each other so maybe give the Brainstormer a boost.

Most Torgue pistols could do with a boost.

The Faisor. Loved this as an M4 weapon and spent a lot of time with it but now it can’t keep up.

Most Atlas legendaries. Linc, Rebel Yell, Ruby’s Wrath and the Carrier have always been a little weak. To me, we don’t have a stand out Atlas legendary yet (OPQ doesn’t have homing bullets, the distinctive feature of Atlas weaponry) so they’re ripe for a boost.

Superball. Not sure what to do with this one as its the aiming mechanic itself which sucks. Then crits? Airborne opponents? Nope. Maybe increased power and a strong homing ability would help.

Tiggs Boom. I love the concept but to me the main frustration comes in having to reload all the time. Just double the magazine and I’d be happy.

Guardian Takedown legendaries don’t feel nearly rewarding enough when compared to the Maliwan Takedown legendaries. The Stinger? What melee build reliably has full shield much of the time? Those builds get hit the most. Webslinger? Cool idea but weak in combat. Make the splash do no damage to us (so we can still use it to climb walls) and raise the damage. The Lightspeed should have a rare homing variant so it’s a bit more user friendly. Finally, perhaps most importantly, put all of the M6 legendaries into the loot pools of both bosses. This is the hardest content in the game so you should be able to get really satisfying rewards.

I think that’s all for now but there’s way more. When you dip your toe beneath the surface you find so many weapons to buff. Gearbox certainly has their hands full.

Edit: oh and one more thing. Tediore. Does anybody use those weapons? I know Rhys jokes about them being trash weapons but apart from the Anarchy he seems to be right. For the amount of ammo consumption, if another weapon would be able to kill two to three enemies per mag then these weapons should be able to do the same. The reloads should be DEADLY.


Have you experienced using these weapons post buffs at 60? Just asking. Id say that was a general consensus but they all do have buffs and maybe lvl 60 there is a greater difference.

Gotta know it cant handle trash without anoints well and doesnt feel legendary post buffs now at m10.

I feel your general sentiment most definitely.

I feel the webslinger was made to skip and jump as an easter egg and its the general consensus. Of it did great damage youd die using it.

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The Webslinger would still be great at that if it couldn’t damage you - and then they could make it do decent damage as well. You have to go through the entire Guardian Takedown to get this weapon, it should at least be good.

Didn’t this week’s buffs pass over Atlas and Vladof assault rifles? They’re reviewing Vladof (probably because they don’t want to buff the Monarch) and Atlas wasn’t mentioned.

Added in a note about Tediore weapons to my original post.

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Wish the unforgiven hit like a truck, or the moon fire for that matter, I just want a decent hand cannon dammit, no more multishot pistols for my Zane please


Yeah, I’m thinking of trying out the Moonfire on my Fl4k later on. Does it not perform? Weapons like that basically work because you have to take your time and line it up but then the right shot delivers the goods.

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None of the Tediore weapons (regardless if buffed or not) feel legendary to me. Performance should be on par with higher teir weapons if legendary but still fall short IMO. I NEVER use Tediore weapons.

Most of the new DLC3 weapons are very good as of now, which was predictable considering GB’s vicious cycle of nerfing the good weapons and bringing out more powerful weapons in the newest DLC, only to be nerfed at the patch just before a new DLC comes out.

If GB actually balanced the weapons, they wouldn’t sell as many DLC copies as that is where the only good weapons will be obtained, well, until a new DLC comes out.


It doesn’t perform no, if it were a two tap to enemies it’d be fine but we’re talking a whole mag if not more sometimes, it might be okay on flak but I still don’t see it doing well if Zane can’t at least make it work

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The only tediore I suggest you use is the craps from the handsome jackpot dlc, that thing used to kick absolute ass and never got any recognition, I don’t know how it is now because I haven’t bothered to farm one up, but I still think it might hold out pretty well

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If its a Tediore, It stays on the ground with all the other vendor trash … that’s just me though.

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It feels more like the Maggie than a tediore pistol


The Craps is Torgue.

On topic:
Brainstormer on M10 loses its value if elemental immunity modifier is on.
But on FL4K it helps to reduce cooldown faster. So that good.



I used to LOVE the Maggie … until it just stopped working one day.

It was actually my favorite gun in the game until GB shat on it.

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Yeah, Maggie became a situational weapon for me - I still use it while farming Graveward, but mobbing is not effective anymore.


I know the craps is torgue, that’s why I suggested it 🤦

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It wasn’t very good in the first place in comparison to the craps, again why I suggested it, people never gave the craps a chance when it could push out more DPS than the Maggie could at the time



Come to think of it, I used to torture myself farming T Rex for the Maggie and still never ever got a SNTNL Cryo snointed one to drop. I ALWAYS had to try to make a trade for it. Still, to this day, even about 50 Maggies later, Ive yet to get one with SNTNL Cryo to drop for me and I have over 40 days playtime just as Zane.


Yeah it’s upsetting to have a gun go downwards that hard, then again it’s BL3 what should we expect