The saw bar is a top3 gun for moze

like the title says guy im serious this is a 11/10 gun for moze now HOLY MOLY i got one with a super poop annoint and it is honeatly out doing my x8 fire monaech with 50/150. The bonus compared is way better ammor consumption. Less time having to do reloads cuz shots per break. Don’t gotta be so close and. You’re not slowed down cuz bipod.
The cons are fairly simple you gotta be the right distance and possibly need splash radius on the com. You don’t NEED splash radius but boy does it help MAJORLY for just clearing a massive range.

Anyway here is a vid of a poop annoint and I kinda show the build I rock and the com.
Lmk what u think


Dude you were not kidding…

(150/50 URad test, doing WORK)

Thanks for this post :fist_right: :fist_left: I might have found a new favorite weapon


RIGHT its freaking NUTS. Splas radius just makes it crazy imo

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I thought it would suck, because of the damn sniper distance you had to be at…but now I see why that is…

If it was shorter, or on hit, it might be the most powerful weapon in the game :thinking:

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my though is running speed demon just helps deal with getting to the right distance faster. Or if u don’t care use big kick energy sinc electrically the accuracy of the gun means nothing cuz it doesn’t affect the explosion lol. Im still looking for a radiation one or a so I id next 2 mags one. I wanna try it on green monster as well and maybe blast master but mainly green monster. I like how u have the tigs boom for the close range ima try that as well that looked amazing

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Hell yea…Tigg’s Boom is godlike.

You on PC? I got an extra 150/50 one if you’re looking…

Nope sadly im on ps4

Not sure if you’re aware, but Fire in the Skag Den gets multiplied insanely by Mayhem levels. At Mayhem 10 it adds 93% bonus fire damage per point. If you want more accurate results, try another test without any investment in that skill.


Thank man. I will give a try to it.

FitSD is one of the banes of testing weapons and builds for Moze right now. It’s so broken that it’s amazing how Gearbox hasn’t been so quick to nerf it like they have been in the past for lesser game-breaking offences than this. And if they ever do nerf it, the DPS drop-off would be immense for those who have already become too accustomed to it.


I’ve been trying to get Borman Nates to drop one for the pst few days. Probably karma for all the Sawbars I’ve sold or junked over the past year.

Until that nerf (IF they nerf), we’re just having fun with the skill…almost every build uses it anyway, so I say he should invest in it to test the Sawbar.

True…it’s made Moze soo good, and I feel like, to take this away would make her the weakest VH again. I play a lot of multiplayer…it’s nice to be on the same scale (somewhat) as every other Vault Hunter, or at least, to kill stuff as much as they do.

If they nerf this, they have to buff some other aspect of her…let’s be honest, do we really wanna go back to just 15% FitSD?? :unamused:

The one thing that FitSD’s spike in performance has given us a glimpse of, is what it would be like to aim for builds that are chiefly incendiary with little-to-no emphasis on matching elements. When you have the Takedowns as the most challenging content in the game, incendiary is arguably the least desired element across both of them and so that puts Moze at an inherent disadvantage simply for having incendiary damage tied to a few of her skills. And what’s worse, some of them don’t even have synergy with splash damage or Short Fuse.

I’m aware that her incendiary skills are intended as a separate form of bonus damage, but I for one would love to see Moze rock the incendiary element with such power similar to Hellborn Krieg from BL2. Perhaps they might release a legendary class mod in the future for that purpose, or they might tinker with current skills if not have new incendiary ones waiting in the 4th skill tree.

Going back to 15% FitSD is not enticing at all, but staying at 465% in M10 isn’t really a feasible option either in the long term. If the idea after the seemingly inevitable nerf is to retrieve the lost incendiary DPS, then Gearbox would have to review pretty much every incendiary DPS skill and buff them to make up for the huge DPS loss from the nerf. Much easier said than done when FitSD is the only one of the bonus incendiary skills that works with splash and Short Fuse.


Until they fix it then its viable. I feel like they won’t because its what keeps her stable with other characters tbh and they know that. But well see since a patch is required for that

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tbh idk if they will nerf it with the way every character is performing it would be their biggest mistake

If there is a new legendary com in dlc4 and knife being the theme it would be the perfect time to have a com for moze where she deals bonus damage to enemies on fire or something crazy that wouod be a awesome help to her fire damage only problem lol.

No, i would not. I believe FitsD SHOULD get Mayhem scaling, but not the crazy amount it gets now.

Why do i want it to have scaling? The skill is only triggered via splash damage, but it does not get boosted by splash damage, which is the main thing you go for on a splash damage build. This is fine on lower mayhem levels but on mayhem 10 the lack of synergi becomes a problem and it would be stupid to invest 5 points into it if it did not have scaling.

If they lowered the scaling on it so it were a 60-100% bonus at 5 points on MH10 i think it would be a lot more fair.

Its literally fine where it is. Look at what amara and zain are doing. They also have a skill that does some crazy damage scaling. Its fine honestly even if it went down to 60-100 moze would instantly be bad unless alot of other stuff got buffed

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Pretty much until they nerf ties that bind literally everything is fair game

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Moze didn’t need FitsD before it recieved scaling and Moze doesn’t need it now either. It were never part of her meta other than 1point for CH upkeep and bonus projectiles from elemental damage(which got patched).

I’m having a lot of fun with the new found power in FitsD as it makes up for the lack of balance on some fun but weak legendaries. But i also recognize how silly it is at the current scaling.