The scare of your life

So I recently went to wire up a second controller so me and my friend could play split screen on borderlands TPS. After going through the tedious process to create a free xbl account because xb1 has to shave everything online we went back to the game to find that it restarted. When it loaded all of my saves were gone and when I checked the manage game section no save data was there. After resetting my console however the saves reappeared…after the scare of my gaming career I was wondering if anyone else had a story that could top that :stuck_out_tongue:

The system crash and save issues with eternal darkness.

you should back up your saves then you wont have to worry about this. if you have gold or ps plus you can upload to cloud for free.

If you can play through the game :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Losing my OP8 Krieg. Which actually happend over a year ago.

Everything is backed up so that’s why it was so scary cause it felt like my saves got deleted from the cloud and from the hard drive

The scare of my gaming life? When I deleted some things on the xbox 360 to make room and I am pretty sure I deleted my wife and I’s saves for many of the Lego video games on there (and she hasn’t noticed yet). Thankfully we have so much backlog of the Lego video games that I doubt she’ll need to revisit those older ones (or if she does, she’d want to play from scratch maybe). We still haven’t played much past 10% of Lego Jurassic Park and Lego Marvels 2 (I think, I’m confused now which one it was, either that or Lego Batman 3). And since then we also got Rockband 4 and Yoshi’s wooly world.

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