The scoring system in multiplayer is confusing

so i was playing meltdown on paradise, i was playing as Orendi and the entire game i was soloing the right lane against Alani and Miko. Taking down there buildings, replacing team buildings, destroying wave after wave of minions, collecting a ton of shards, basically running around the map like a madman.
I kept them back the entire game, while our Attikus died, over and over until he had enough and wanted to surrender, the team said NO, so he quit (happens a lot in BB). 3 minutes later he comes back. And by then we’ve lost.

So i had done all this work defending, i was top of the list in over 60% of the scoreboard, my score was a 2, a f@?!in 2, guess what the Attikus’s score was, you know the person who died over and over, bought nothing, killed 1 player, left the team for our team to to lose, wait for it… a 16.

i have never had an angry rant at my TV screen before until today, THIS MAKES NO SENSE!
It looked like i was lazy, that i hadn’t done any work, that i didn’t know what i was doing. I have never felt so frustrated and upset with a video game result.

I stopped playing BB after this match.


Kills and assists. That’s all PvP score is.

I think it is Kills = 2 points and Assits = 1 point

Someone correct me if I’m wrong. The scoring system isn’t great but I guess it is as fair as gearbox could think of as a tie breaker for a close game.

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The only score that matters is win. “drop mic”


This is correct.

We mentioned a couple of weeks ago that we’re looking at making a scoring system that does a better job of recognizing contributions from different roles. We hope to get that to you in a future patch.


Thats good to hear, i love the game and i am going to keep playing it. Looking forward to seeing what you guys do with the scoring system.

xD. Yep i should just stick to Rath in the future

I hope that patch is soon. As a support, I always have such a sad score compared to my friends. 33 assists just don’t compare to 20 kills.


Next to latency issues, this is probably my #1 quality-of-life wish (shallow though that sounds.) There’s just something so dispiriting and thankless about working hard in a support role, only to be scored far lower than the players whose killing streaks you made possible. I’m glad they’re working on it. I really hope it comes soon.


Yeah this scoring system makes absolutely no sense at the moment , hope gearbox fixes it one day…

I’ve lost several ties due to the scoring system. In most cases, my team will do more of everything, from minion kills (I usually have this handled), to shards gathered, to things built, even damage done in some cases, but it’s settled by a K/D metric, which IMO is nonsense, since if we were tied and died more… doesn’t that mean we played the objective that much better than the other team? Is that not the point of these objective-based missions?

Really disheartening bringing an Incursion to 50-50, but having all that hard work be meaningless before the almighty K/D.

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Score is based off kills and assists only sad to say. It’s two points for each kill and 1 point for each assist and which imo is stupid. Nothing urks me more than an attacker assassin getting a bunch of kills and boasting about it, but letting wave after wave of minions go by in an attempt for the KO. Then their score shows as if they actually did something. Thankfully ranking up is basef of everything not just score.

In CTT they had the scoring system right imo, where bots, sentry builds, sentry take downs, kills, and assists counted for score. Dunno why they removed it.

I didn’t realize people didn’t like the score system this much. I guess I don’t really mind it because I’m always focused on kills haha bite me

When that Rath that goed 13-20 but gives the team that one extra point despite all the minion clears, sentrys built and destroyed, and better work your team put in. Lol it is discouraging

Agree completely with OP. I usually play a support role in Meltdown. I’ll kill all the minions on one lane, and basically hold it down, run around the map like crazy collecting shards, buying/upgrading logistics. If we’re down, I start spawning giant minions - I’m talking 8 - 10 a match - which I then escort to the altar. Most times this gets us the win but then I see my score and it’s like 8 while my teammates, who go for the kills, are in their mid 20s and 30s. This includes the terrible randoms who pick healers but don’t heal, or the ones who die NON STOP because they keep running into the enemy base to fight the turrets that you can’t kill.

Last night, we had a match where we were down by over 150. I then went on a rampage stealing shards, buying logistics, started spawning elite minions like crazy, and seeing them through on one lane (while killing the enemy’s minions), as my teammates kept the enemy players distracted on the other. We ended up winning by over 100. My score? 2. TWO.

On the damn objective screen it even says the objectives are to kill enemy minions, escort your own minions to their altar, and to purchase logistics/elite minions… THIS IS WHAT I DO DAMMIT! Quite often I can even have the highest minion kill score and still be scoring lower than everyone else. I am completing the objectives yet match after match, I get the lowest score. It’s disheartening.

Signed on just to ask this.
Just played a match of Incru with Thorn and I ran around doing a lot of damage, shard collecting and helping send in about 6 thralls the entire game, killed a lot of minions.
At the end I had 2 pts in Score and the one person had 10 and I had never seen him anywhere. (running around, at thralls, shards…neda) and we lost the tie because I had the lowest score =/ how’s that fair.

I really think SCORE should be flipped around like it is in Battlefield. Score is accumulated via captures, support and LAST, killing. Not the other way around. This is NOT CoD.


Just play Meltdown. Incursion ties drive me nuts. It’s a lot better now, but score in that game deciding a tie is baffling.

Although completing objectives in meltdown is a bit… weird, if you do all you can in that mode, it shows in the numbers up top, even if you’re losing, and the game doesn’t really ever snowball either.

Never realized this was such a problem for people. I don’t focus on objective as much, but by getting kills you ARE helping the team. The power plays in incursion are insane, while in meltdown it adds 3 pts to the score per kill. So by focusing on kills and helping the objective, it’s in my opinion a better way to play especially in incursion because once you are able to kill off the team, you can push and win. I don’t mean following enemies across the entire map when I say this either though, I just mean trying to kill that montana at a quarter health before the Mx elite that’s just passing mid thrall

@Jythri, Could you take a look at this suggestion?

I saw it. Trying to get something similar to this in a future update.

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Ha u funny. I got 12 assists and 2 kills another guy gets 9 kills and 1 assist, he got 1200 more score than me