The scoring system needs to revised asap

Im tired of this ■■■■■■■■ scoring system. Games like meltdown rely heavily on building and maintaining turrets and killing minions. It pisses me off that I build tons of turrets to max level through the whole match and spend all my shards on turrets for lane dominance that I dont even get to upgrade my loadout. Then the person with the highest score is the one with most kills. Im close to 100 and am starting to doubt the future of this game. Many people get frustrated because people dont do what they are supposed to in matches and end up just chasing kills. The game just reinforces that behavior by making score system based on kills/assists. I know I read somewhere they will address the score system but when? And how??


There are many threads like this one, I would advise moving to one of those. Also, as you said they are working on it.

However, I don’t find the current scoring system to be that bad, personally. It a “balanced” scale that goes off of performance on who died more and what team fought together more. Both teams have equal opportunities to do this and killing minions and healing teammates should reflect this as one team is doing “better” they should be getting more kills essentially.

Does it really matter who has the highest score on your team…? Honestly, the only thing i pay attention to is whos winning and adjust my playstyle around that, i couldn’t care less if I’m at the bottom of the list on my team as long as we win team>me.

honestly in a moba your kills really dont mean anything you could have crap kda but still be the best on the team

I would think score is a bigger issue on Incursion than meltdown. Incursion can actually be decided by score which is really just who got the most kills in the match.

No one cares you built 10 robos and 23 turrets heh.



Also, sure ok.

No, it doesnt matter who has the highest score. I do things to try to win the game by doing these “objectives” building turrets, robots, thralls, and it doesnt mean crap in the end unless we win. So lets say my team wins but highest score is the guy with 13 kills and im last, even though I feel like I did a lot of work. Ill be last in score because all those other things are not weighed in.

but…you still won. You helped the team by supporting them with buildables. If you feel like you did a great job, then you did a great job, why does it matter who gets the most points on your team.

From a gameplay view i see your point, but i just don’t understand why it bothers you.

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GBX already said they were looking into remaking how the scoring system should work in PvP.

An Overwatch-style “and now we all vote on possible MVPs” system would work wonders here, ackshully. It’s wasted on its TF2-like mechanics with next to no resource management