The Scorpio XL needs major buffs

This is a weapon few people know about because it wasn’t obtainable for the longest time. It only drops from Judge Hightower, a target of opportunity in Lectra City, who until todays patch did not actually drop the things in his lootpool (You may now also look forward farming the Conference Call Shotgun and the Carrier Assault Rifle from him if you are after one of those).

The Scorpio XL is a Tediore Pistol that when thrown creates a turret that is based on Rolands Scorpio Turret from Borderlands 1. It has a shield and shoots both normal bullets and rockets.
However, it seems that the shield health is connected to the turrets health and also way too low, making it extremely easy for enemies to destroy the turret. Because it also sucks as a pistol (which goes for basically any Tediore pistol) it’s just not worth using.
I feel like it needs considerably more turret health (I’m talking like 15 times of what it does have right now) and also just more damage or rate of fire.

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Just yesterday I was thinking that it is kinda odd that, given Moze doesn’t have a succesor to the Scorpio/Sabre they didn’t have the new/returning Atlas Soldier NPC use a Scorpio 2.0. Then I was thinking that it was also a missed opportunity not giving one to Judge Hightower because my head-canon is that he is a traitor because he doesn’t like the new Atlas and prefered the old evil one, so it would also make sense that he would hold onto his outdated gear.

And now I see your post that there actually is a Scorpio turret in BL3 and it drops from Hightower LoL, this just made my day I will totally farm for one now.

Is the event already live?

Thanks :heart:

Yes, the event is already live.

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One of my friends told me this finally got fixed since he remembered I wanted to combine this with messy break-up. It’s a shame this is the first thing I see when I look it up, hopefully it will still be fun with Zane.

I think it’ll be fun, it’s just not that strong right now.