The search for optimized performance - FPS drops, low framerate, high-end gear

So for everyone who has a similar issue with having fps drops, low framerate during battles I want to create a thread here to search for the issue.
This is an old topic yet still unresolved, did Gearbox Devs give up? I’ve googled every page with this topic and no one has the answer, and some years ago when it was reported many times, Devs actually answered that they were looking into it yet there has been no response. I can only assume Devs couldn’t solve it for some reason, maybe they gave up, or maybe the mistake was using the Unity engine from the start which have issues with a lot of CPUs and GPUs.

I’ve tried everything. I’ve tried setting all Nvidia settings to enhance performance, All ingame settings to lowest, I’ve tried forcing the game to use 2 cores, 4 cores etc, I’ve tried disable all overlays and NO RESULTS. It’s already knows somewhat that low performance PC’s actually have a higher minimum framerate than some high-end PCs. My PC is quite old now but for this game, it’s still high-end.

My Specs:
intel Core i7 4770k Stable OC to 4.4Ghz
MSI Geforce 970 4GB
256GB Samsung SSD
Windows 10 Pro 64bit

Does anyone have any sort of solution? Improvement? Any clue of what causes these dips in frame as soon a battle ensues. It didn’t matter for me if it was 1v1 or 3v3, I end up between 20-30 frames during battles and some cases it stutters and dips to 10. For anyone who still plays this today I would love to solve this and run the game 60FPS stable in a huge battle. Playing ladder is really, REALLY annoying.

Perhaps the Devs will focus on Homeworld 3 now… But maybe we can find the solution.