The secondary melee should be reworked

In the recent pathces and hot-fixes Mel was changed quite a bit.
Venom’s duration was shortened to 4 sconds from 8, and even with the damage increase it’s an overall loss in utility and damage. Her health was also reduced so she has to exit battle much faster and trying to melee is much riskier. I’m fine with the changes but I think that the melee combo is way to long and doesn’t fit with the current direction gearbox is going to.
Until level 8, from the moment you envenomed a target up until you can start the combo you will probably have 1.5 seconds left (considering you won’ tbe at their faces all the time) and that’s not enough. Besides, with the lower health the risk of melee is just not worth it, because the damage is being spread on a long combo and there is a good chance you will take heavy damage yourself and maybe get pinned down by other enemies joining the fight.
I really think they should take the damage and put it in 3 quick blows instead of a long combo.

I would just like to add that with recent slow change, melee-range hybrid melka is even less viable.

Good points but for the heck of it I just went back and did the Prologue again and actually liked her better.

I do agree it needs to be worked on but the patch that changed her venom just made her better

I’ve always found her melee useful. The only problem is the combo finisher knocks you in the air a bit and it’s a little disorienting

I’m not sure because it was months ago but i think that in the CTT Melka had an uppercut on her melee so you were launched in to the air with the enemy you attacked. I’m pretty sure it was removed against major enemies but still works on minions.
I’m on the fence about getting launched in to the air because you can spike right after, gain height, and literally fly with claw lunge, but I do agree it can be disorienting.