The secret ways Murderlin bothers you. Never told

For most players, M/S is the biggest challenge. Some people hate the place extremely.
I’ll give those people information that will make them hate and dislike the place even more.
The Elemental attacks there, the trapdoors, the spikes are already terrible enough. Even the enemies that appear are not too soft.
And there’s Murderlin’s secret way of harassing players while he looks down at the Arena.

1.When the enemy is marked with a red dot on the mini-map before jumping into the Arena;
If you are heading towards that red spot, the enemy marked by that red dot really jumps to Arena late.
It’s the way of M/S you get caught in the back by an approaching enemy as you focus on it.

Someone’s Question:“Really? If you move towards an enemy jumping into the arena the jump is delayed???”

If you are looking at the point from a distance that is close enough, the enemy marked by that point will continue to delay the jump.
It’s not forever but enough time for another enemy to approach you.
If you want to meet the enemy quickly and kill them, it’s best to approach them with your back.

2.Elemental attacks rising from floors, walls and columns arise from positions that can interfere with you in your future combats.
Murderlin causes them by considering your current position and the position of enemies that are attacking you, or in the future.

3.The columns that emerge from the floor that interrupts your progress also have that way.

4.Not about trap doors that are already open, But there are trapdoors that suddenly open. They must be chosen by him from the ones closest to you.

5.Murderlin ordered Skeleton Mage to attack with their other colleagues a little later than when they attack you. It’s an order to make a surprise attack when your attention is distracted.

6.He coordinates the composition of the enemies that appear according to the character you choose. This is a probabilistic issue. The most prominent of the characters is Zero. The frequency of spawning of the wizards(Fire), among other things, are quite blatant.

Murderlin is a very sadistic pervert wizard. And the people of Gearbox have so very warm harts of humanity.:wink:


So he’s like the perfect Dungeon Master then (or Bunker Master in Tiny’s case)?


Yes. He can be said so. Your words make me think he’s a very sincere worker.


And that’s why I just stay at the back where there’s less traps. How did you found about this anyway?


Many tries. And for TT. Those experience made me so.


In addition, everything he says is aimed at disturbing you. A typical example is his warning about Magic Crystal, which is said too early to distract you.


Well, thank you for your sacrifice :joy:. This makes me want to complete the badass round in all characters (though I’m not masochistic enough to do it for real :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:). And your definitely right about the magic crystal. He said something about destroying it or it would kill me but I spent several minutes just shooting at it without anything happening.


Those spike pits man… never again.


How many Ogre’s did you get so far? :wink::wink:


There are so many times I’ve seen them fall to the ground. But there won’t be ten of them that passed my standards and got into the backpack. And you guys know the special effects of Ogre and Orc. But not many people will know that "Nasty"Ogre does it more often than any other kind of thing. (Nasty Orge is the one I’m most reluctant to use as just a gun.)

Edit:My opinion is that on both hands of Salvador, the combination of Nasty Ogre and UH is more powerful than the combination of Lady Fists and UH, Grog and UH.


I sense some runs coming. :wink::wink:


No. It’s not…:fearful:
Edit: Should I make a short showcase…


I’m afraid I’ll have to withdraw my opinion. It’s been so long since I used the combination that my memory seems to have been distorted. Obviously the combination exerts a tremendous DPS when the effect is activated. It is more powerful than Grog’s drunken effect, and has the advantage of not needing the exact aim required by the LF. But the effect was less frequent than I remember.

I would have believed that my distorted memory would be true if I hadn’t tried it with his prognostic recommendation.

But you’ll be worth trying the combination of Ogre and UH. With four slots composed of 1.UH, 2.Grog, 3.Empty, 4.Ogre, with very popular handgun build, you will experience the effect of a really fun and great firing.
Affected by Ogre, the UH triggers Zero’s TwoFang at 100% probability, and the stray bullet works just like special effect of Fibber. And the fire rate and reload speed rise a lot(Double?). If this effect is triggered at the same time with Grog’s, it would be a really funny and great Gunzerking.


unlike you, we cannot live without a Moxxi. :wink::wink:


You need to focus on slot 2 I recommended.:laughing: