The sentinel bug?

I’ve run the sentinel multiple times and know the old sentinel can bug out at the end but I’m also having problems half way through the mission. 4th time enemies stopped spawning so I couldn’t progress. I just have to kill myself. I usually run hardcore so I can’t just die and hope things start up after death.

Curious if others have this problem.

You mean like in the elevator? Generally speaking in defense missions or other events like that, they will auto-continue after a couple of minutes, if things stall.

Where are you getting stuck?

When you fall down into the pit with bonecrushers. Enemies won’t spawn. Just running around.

I do know what you’re talking about with the defense type.

This is survive ambush. I probably killed em too fast

Pit? You mean the elevator, the part with pistons, or the part with the four spike crushers.

Where the floor drops out from underneath your feet. Not the Pistons.

If you’re talking about when the floor falls beneath you to a bunch of thralls and 2 buildable turrets and buildable drone then don’t worry about killing yourself or whatever. I had a run where a thrall got stuck somewhere and we couldn’t kill it but we could see it on the minimap. After a few minutes after killing everything else he disappeared automatically and we went on our merry little way.

No enemies were on the mini map I do know about that situation. Enemies can get stuck but eventually cycles through. I’m talking about enemies not even showing up. I killed the bonecrushers and then nothing. No enemies on mini map nor anywhere else.

Once the bonecrushers die multiple waves of bad guys show up. I’ve run the sentinel multiple times and never had this happen.

Regardless of enemies on your minimap, I’ve found that most times that the game bugged out and I had to wait for enemies to spawn or despawn or other situations I just had to wait a few minutes and it would fix itself. It’s as if gearbox added some sort of fail safe to the game that clears requirements to continue after certain events happen and after a certain amount of time.

Yep I know about fail safe maybe I didn’t wait long enough, thought I did. Either way just curious if others had this problem

Come to think about it, it happens a lot on the elevator (at the end of the first stop) and in that room that we’re talking about. But yea, hopefully that’ll fix it for you since if you’re playing solo or hardcore (or both) then that’d be even more obnoxious. It’d still be a good thing to report regardless if it does fix it.

Don’t think it merits reporting yet. The game runs great for me but sentinel seems to have biggest problems for me personally. I usually don’t have any problems with the rest of the game.