The Sentinel is so painful

Does anyone else think the Guardian type enemy design is complete trash? They have only one very small hit box that’s covered for the most part and move around a lot making them completely infuriating to deal with. Not to mention the boss forms of them. Arc can 2 shot most characters with 1 attack that can only be blocked by 2 pillars in the map. Not to mention his massive AOE ball that just bounces you around till you die most of the time. Vynn is pretty easy but the small hit box being covered by rock that you have to shoot through is just annoying. Then the Sentinel is just Arc and Vynn glued together while being able to summon the little guardians. The entire chapter is just tedious and obnoxious to farm being it’s just mob rushes into bass battles. Would really love to see their hit boxes become bigger or maybe just significantly lower the hp on them.

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I’ve never seen a party wipe in The Sentinel after they make it to the elevator. The golems are kind of tedious, but that largely depends on who you’re playing.

I mostly dislike this map because the bosses are all essentially the same, and none of them have any real interesting mechanics. I’m actually surprised that you can tell a difference between Arc and Vynn, because I never can.


It reminds me of the same way they did Jackenstien.
btw the damage you take from them is directly related to the class you are playing.
As Oscar Mike I’m right in their face and kill them nearly instantly with the Space Laser.
Go back and try that with Benedict. Huge hitbox and hardly not enough damage against them.

For me, that’s not the worst part.

I kind of enjoy it with smaller characters, but with, say, Kleese or ISIC, it actually gives me a huge amount of trouble. Mostly because they are huge. With a smaller character I can slip between the traps, with a bigger one I’ve actually been juggled back and forth between traps with seemingly no way out. Which is unfortunate.

I don’t know how they’d account for the size of some of the characters, really. But I definitely have more fun with Sentinel when I’m playing it with a smaller character rather than a big one. Much more fun to take someone like, say, Oscar Mike into.

With OM, dodging the traps is super easy because the traps don’t have a gigantic behind to bite.

I do like this level. Either it’s with a melee, long range, tanks, on normal, advanced, or solo, it’s all good.

But on hardcore, it’s all hell! If it’s not the trap, you’re falling. And if you’re not falling, you are overwhelmed by an army of everything! Even at the start!! I did it with Marquis, after many failed attemps with other characters.

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Arc as a lightning death ball, and Vynn has a spear.
Thats about it lol, and then the final boss is a mix of both of them.

Disappointing level, wish they’d have atleast differing hit boxes, like maybe a golem with a head you have to knock off to expose a crystal and then with the final one you have to destroy the limbs and it’ll get vulnerable and retreat to recharge after some damage or something.

I’ll say that Arc is stupid hard if you dont know about that lighting death ball, cause you’ll move out of way and it’ll home and start bouncing you around in a way you cant escape.
I remember i was dominating him my first time through until i got him at like 5% health and he used that lighting ball and it juggled me to death while i was high up in the air unable to move because of its push.

That was with Orendi though so maybe her fragile health contributed but eh

The design isn’t the best I’ll agree, but it’s the easiest level for me by far. Take OM or WF and you’ll mop the floor every time. WF’s ult was made for taking these bosses out! I’ve never had much trouble with their damage output because I put a trap up for both mini bosses and they’ll focus that while I whittle them down. Trying to play defence on this level doesn’t work too well in my experience

Pick Toby. He is king here.

Thorn is pretty amazing on this mission. Her AOEs just cuts right through all that immunity. Just have cooldown and skill damage gear on her and you’re all set.

Kleese is fantastic on this level.
His shock taser, enery rifts, & energy mortars (if you pick the lose shield helix) utterly destroy all of the golems/guardians/sentinals.
The shock taser just locks on, the energy rifts do their damage, and the energy mortars seem to do damage as long as you hit close to their chest. You can usually take out Arc/Vyn in about 20-30 seconds.

I can solo run this on normal consistently in under 30 minutes…and usually get gold as well…since you’re right up in their chest when they die so it’s easy to get the bonus balls.

On the other hand…Caldarius normally takes me a few minutes to kill either Arc/Vyn.

It’s strange, I’ve never had problems with bosses. They are all alike and have one hit spot and so on, but it’s OK for me.

Mob golems - they are the only thing to annoy me in this mission. They aren’t difficult at all, they are just annoying and frustrating. They turn away from you, they constantly move and they have a decent amount of HP. Both fights with them just feel so unnecessarily long and unsatisfying. I described it in another thread…

Wish they have either got an additional hit box at the back or had their HP lowered 3-5 times.


ISIC is king on this map if you have the right gear. As long as you have some sort of health regen/lifesteal you can just stay in your ultimate. He breezes through the bosses, his plasma dash can be used to teleport him above the spike traps to get the chests/shards and at level 10 his right helix is insane

Rath actually does pretty good damage here with the Parabolic Blade helix on level 3. On normal can usually one hit most guardians.

Guardians aren’t hard at all unless you use the vertically challenged ie. Boldur.

Yeah I usually use Ghalt since his double shot guns melt them rather quickly but I’ve been using Bennedict lately since he can skip the mob rush rooms. Makes grinding the boss gear a lot faster. It’s just the boss fights as Benny are painful because your shots are constantly blocked by the random motions they make.

This map is very annoying if you are a melee character. And if you are ranged, it’s annoying when the golems are targeting someone else because you can’t shoot their weak point. Specially bad when they target a melee character that just strafes all around them instead of staying put.
The other spot that is problematic and where I see lots of deaths is during the rolling spike trap section. You know, those that go up and down and are basically cylinders with spikes on them? There’s a part where enemies spawn and drop RIGHT ON TOP OF YOU while you are between two of those (and an instant-death ceiling trap). And they are enemies with knockback. Do the math and you get a very annoying section for everyone in there.

My advise for that map is: play a ranged character. Seriously.

Otherwise, it’s not much of a problem. It’s hard to lose and I’ve never seen a wipe except in the traps (but there’s ussually one guy who knows what he’s doing and stay behind).

Probably one of the most dissapointing maps about boss design. What they should have done is have one golem boss, one Jennerit boss of some kind, and then the Sentile who…should NOT be just another golem. That’s incredibly dissapointing.