The Sentinel Minor Audio Glitch

This has been bugged for me for a while so even though it’s minor I thought I’d bring it up. In The Sentinel, when you reach the bottom of the elevator, Mellka says,

“We’re currently experiencing the digital equivalent of someone whispering in our ears while we’re raiding a tomb… so expect skeletons to burst out of the walls any minute!”

After that, a Thrall is supposed to say “THE WALLS! BRACE THE WALLS!!” but it always skips to the Thrall commander saying “Fine… that’s fine… Seventh times the charm…” instead.

Really really minor and if I’m the only one it’s happening to it’s not a big deal but figured it was worth mentioning, as I liked the joke when it plays out properly.


It’s tied to how closely you beat the enemies at the bottom of the elevator, from my experience.

Weird. Before, it was hit or miss now it never works right, whether I ignore them and get the shards/chest in the opposite room or if i focus them.

Same here, but to be fair, i ALWAYS kill them in a few seconds, so i’m not exactly sure if that IS the problem. I’m also too lazy to test it; you understand, right?


Yeah some dialogue is bugging. Don’t forget that Mell goes after thar skeleton thing “… hahaha. Gotcha”

As anyone would believe that.

If anything I think Garblanthix Ur is real and thus scary.

Thats the stuff you gotta believe in.