The sentry A.I Needs fixing

The sentries need a buff to their damage and fire rate 2 games in a row I’ve lost because the enemy team had a tanky guy like boldur run up and attack the sentry while the ranged guys shoot at it and the sentry hardly hit boldur Til its shields were down because it’s stupid A.I ignored him and we tried to kill him but he kept circling the sentry and tanking our hits Along with the ranged chars shooting at it we lost at the last minute. The sentry just had its head up its ass while boldur pounded it.

Make the sentries tower blast do more damage or make it fire faster and fix the targeting of it so it actually shoots people that do this

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Not to be overly critical, but if Boldur was circling the Sentry, methinks you had a solution to him.

Maybe the guys you were against were just that good and coordinated, but I still don’t see a lot of instances where the players do the majority of the work in taking down a Sentry.

It takes Waves to do that, and if they coordinated their assault with a beefy wave, then that’s just good play.

I should clarify that I don’t see players doing the heavy lifting frequently on the lead Sentry. I see it a lot more often on back Sentry, because by then one team usually has a level advantage, their level 10 Ult Helixes unlocked, and possibly even a strong foothold like taking over the bunker in Overgrowth.

i wish my teams’ tanks would do that :smiley: i always feel like the sentry targets me when im ambra or toby and im wrecked immediately. :,(

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I have definitely notïced that if there are ANY Minuons or Thralls or Fatbots in front of a Sentry, it will focus COMPLETELY on them and you are free to have your way with it with impunity.

Three of us got whiskey and marquis off of it me and Phoebe attacked boldur but he would.not.die everyone was off of it but boldur and the sentry never shot him. It was just him there…

However, it seems that if there are no minions and only players facing the sentry, it’s a crapshoot as to which player it will target.

I feel you. I too have seen Boldurs successfully engage the Sentry seemingly without repercussion for what seems an eternity and experienced that frustration, I know the panic of seeing a Sentry just whirling in slow circles, not doing a thing. I suppose I’ve had better luck in chasing them off.

Maybe these guys (and that Boldur) were just THAT good.

It’s tricky for me, because I’ve seen players argue that “it’s the players’ job to defend the Sentry, not the other way around!” specifically when grousing about being killed after chasing down a fleeing player who takes shelter behind the Sentry. They complain about this a lot on Monuments.

I can see the logic in that, but I also believe the Sentry needs to be able to at least defend itself. The purpose of Incursion is to push minions to the Sentry, and keep the opposing players from killing them once they’re there, so that THEY can kill the Sentry. I don’t think immunity to player attacks should be a feature of Sentries, but I still feel that a sustained dive on the Sentry as you’ve described should not be an effective tactic.

I do kind of like it when a blitz at the end determines a match, though. Even if I lose on it. It stings, but it’s dramatic. :wink:

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I think it needs what it already has plus a constant LoS taser that deals decent damage. Any range ofc.

I agree with this I also feel as if the enemy team is in our base the sentry is very lenient but when our team is in there its very strict lol

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