The Sexy Mat2 guns topic

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I have that identical orion. That’s mordys orion just cuz all the sexy

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just look at that sexxxy mauler

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Nice, if that Mauler would be mat1 Im sure it would get shattering prefix!

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I was wondering about that. It has to be mat1 on s+s? What if It had no scope? Idk

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4064515cf6b3c2d7fbb6aa7bcd596fc0a382e445_1_666x500 that’s the only one I can compare and it is a fail lol

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Huh idk. “Machine gun” is the default name for mgs…like “SMG”. Idk if maybe that has something to do with it. Probably not. I have noticed that torgue elemental mgs, even top notch ones, always seem to be 'machine guns" I guess they aren’t fast enough to be havocs…have enough bullets to be massacres…etc. sorry, tangent. Point is idk really squat about how these pres/names are generated

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Me too, but I whant to know! I mean I know some things but there is so much to learn!

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I’m a little iffy on the Shattering prefix, but I want to say that Stock3 is too good for it with S&S. I know it requires a certain amount of recoil, so you need a worse stock or a higher-recoil manufacturer (Torgue).

Edit - or a more recoil-y body, like that HVY in the fails thread.

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these 2 dropped right next to each other

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That raging is perfect. Luv it

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aaaaactually… it could be better. It would get a FR buff if it didn’t have a stock.

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For real? I thought stocks only affected reload and RR. A mat3 would be 3.1 wouldn’t it?

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Something like that. Me and @billthebetta where figuring out assault shotguns the other day in gear calc. Don’t remember the exact numbers for each situation and I don’t want to install flash lol.

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This stupid phone won’t install it. That’s why I’m always throwing questions out. Either way 630s are my fav. And I’m usually the rof/reload fiend