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While stock3 doesn’t have a reload penalty it also doesn’t give a bonus, it’s just a neutral reload modifier with accuracy and recoil bonuses.

Angry prefix tests for quick reload speeds. If this was stockless it’d hit that reload speed threshold and be approved for Angry instead of Raging. Raging is one of those neutral bonus “placeholder” prefixes for this accessory, while Angry is a “this gun has X stat in Y quantity; give this gun even more X”.

Raging is a placholder prefix for the Raging accessory, no bonus.
Angry gives bonus reload, RoF, and a bit of tech.

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Extraordinarily well explained. Thank you bill. I was wondering about the crux in particular. .why it would be granted with angry without the accessory in equation…now I know.

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also the best thing I found today. Damn you level 66

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it looks really cool anyway

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That sweeper looks fab…

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Its actually pretty good. Sorta an assault matador. Just kinda shoot everything at once and circle in for the good ole death kite. The sight also reduces that spread enormously if u need to focus on a stronger enemy

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That iron gasher is pretty damn cool. Nice finds man.

You where actually pretty close to one of the holy grails in that hunt thread I posted awhile back.

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I’m getting all warm and fuzzy with all this $+$love

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Love that harpoon. Sniper launcher. Use it to hit craws back. You might want to not use any high velocity tho cause that is like…too fast. It’s like 3x normal speed at that point and seems to mess up the hit detection. I always use tempest coms with +4 on slayer for this

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To be honest, I always farm Craw legit, sooo, I just phasewalk/normallywalk behind one of the structures in the arena and shoot this bastard’s back with my Unforgiven Masher/some kind of sniper or whatever on any character that isn’t Lilith (I have that unforgiven only on her), so kind of no use for me to use it. :sunglasses: