The Sexy Mat2 guns topic

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ya know. .just cause I’m here and thinking about it and wide awake at 2 am…I think GB really dropped the ball on Maliwan mat2. It could’ve been like S+S or vladof…not better in any way just cool looking. Greenish blue or something. I can’t tell it from 3 really

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Agreed - Maliwan mat2 is indeed useless. Even if it didn’t have any stat differences, if the “blue” prefix didn’t have such a high priority it would be better. They did it best for Hyperion with the fire rate boost…but at least Dahl and Atlas mat2 can get good prefixes.

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Usually yes, except for firehawks
I believe. :slight_smile: a B nasty firehawk is potentially the best one you can find.

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Dude are you kidding me with that red brute? That is amazing. I don’t understand how you have such incredible armory runs. My armory runs are crap.

I guess I’ll just have to be angry about it…edit…whoa…I think I just realized something about what me and melty were talking about…Maliwan mat2…if this were 3 it would be cobalt and not angry enough…so it’s not just the firehawk. Cool

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If you look at Item fail topic you should see how mamy fails I get, so some fails and from time to time something good Iol

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Yeah its pretty mind boggling how much crap you must sort through. Seriously tho…I think I might have 4 guns from the armory I’ve kept. .my best corrosive nidhogg like 3 years ago lol. Couple more

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I prefer armory because I want another Firebomb or Stampeding Spatter gun for my Eridian build.

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