The Sexy Mat2 guns topic

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looks cool anyway

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If I cant get sight3 this one is my favorite.

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Red ones always remind me of saurons eye thing from lord of the rings :slight_smile:

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Nice looking cobra Odi…

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The things I’d to to find out of that’s twisted…

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Seems like a no Brainer they should have included a “spec sheet” to look at any gun like gear Calc does. Especially when there’s only 5 lines and 3 of them are wasted on telling u about elements when u already know after 20 minutes into the game

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There is no way I will be able to tell if is twisted.

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@technikal Yeah, that’s why it’s killing me.

(Borderbutts Master) #518

@billthebetta was enjoying using this today. It tears ■■■■ up lol.

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yaaaaas, there it is! I was looking for this in your finds post. It’s so good I forget it’s mat2.

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Oh ya 630 barrel 5? That’s what’s up on a hammer. Smooth as butter and that spread stays where u want it to.

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