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Also this…I thought especially despite having barrel1 this was one of the best TD smgs I’ve ever seen. I think I could actually kill something with it. Also…what’s up with my iron anarchy? Who’s got gearcalc?

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It’s not possible to have an Iron Anarchy…because of torque steel prefix, it won’t let that smg to have mat2

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Well that doesn’t make any sense…you have it on mat2 and It says steel…so…after a certain point of dmg…it will force it to become steel…rather than the steel boosting It in the first place? This game is so weird lol

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You’re sure that’s a double accessory? In gearcalc it pans out as a Double Anarchy, but if I change the accessory to Vector(same model as double, I think) it turns into exactly what I’m seeing there.

No, Steel material i required for Steel prefix to be available in the available prefix pool. It’s a matter of the auto-naming option in gearcalc.

Wait, we are talking about the SMG in The Sexy Mat2 guns topic this post, right? I think I got lost.

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No. I just wanted to know why there’s no iron anarchys. I don’t understand why no unless Double replaces Iron. So it would be mat2…and slightly better…but still called double anarchy…or is there only mat1 and mat3 torgue anarchys? Edit—sorta like atlas and their white material…a gun can have mat2 but another prefix will usually get it…is it like that?

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Ah, well in that case.
Yeah, Double prefix has a higher priority than Iron. 2.6 and 2.0 respectively.

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Foiled again. So you could have a mat2 though correct? And it would get whatever little buff mat2 gives?

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Yup. :+1:

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I want to see the exact gun tho. I wonder If my 130 might be iron…

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Mind telling me which this is? I can’t tell

edit…OK I see …it’s mat1…219 dmg just like that other 68

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I would say is mat1. Here is in hands view.


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You know…the gearbox studio is only like an hour south of where I live…I should get a list of everyone’s questions and go beat on the door lol. Jk. Randys wifes coffee shop is around there too…and I have been wanting to go there

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I’m on this iron kick. Idk

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