The Sham Shield On Holiday

I have have to know has the sham shield gone on holiday? i am asking due to the fact i have killed the bunker 400 times today and about 200/300 times the last 4 days and never had a drop from him, am i the only one who having this issue or has the sham just gone on holiday

Welcome to BNK-3R: The Stingy Bastard.


I have never, ever, found s Sham. And the only legendary of any kind I have ever got from the Bunker was during the high drop-rate week back in late April/early May. If you manage to get one to drop, celebrate big time!

I got 1 Sham from that guy.

Was it from the hundreds upon hundreds of times I farmed him? no

Was it when the boosted the drop rates over a weekend for testing? almost

Was it because I farmed him a couple hundred times WHILE the drop rates were boosted? YES

and I got ONE Sham.

He is very very stingy. You’re in for a long journey, my friend.

I must say this boss drop rate is so bad if i look at my notes on the warrior it takes about 50 runs to get a drop loot midget run 5/6 the bunker well it looking like we be hitting the 1300 run this rate and nothing to show for it, so at the end of the day i say the sham is taking a holiday

Oh, the BNK3R.
The other day got a Bitch from it. And I honestly think, it will the ONLY I’ll see ever in my life.

In all the year and a half I have been playing BL2, it is the only remarkable drop I have ever seen. The Krieg head (LOOK IN MY EYE DAMMIT, which is my favorite) had to trade it since that piece of robotic crap is stingier than JP Morgan, Rockefeller and Rothschild together!!

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Really? I got quite a bit from him during the boosted rates. Let’s see… 3 heads, 4 Bitches, 3 Shams, 1 Infinity, 1 Avenger, and 1 Deadly Bloom. I kept 2 Bitches, used 2 heads, traded 1 head for a Twister, then gave the rest away to @FlamesForAll.

However, I have not farmed him since the boosted rates, so I’m sure he’s back to his


OK, stingy as hell xD

Mine dropped from an ultimate BA loader after killing the W4RD3N during the Roland rescue.

I said to Duke that BNK-3R was good during the increased rates, but since the event is over that I’m sure he’s returned to his old ways. His old ways being your description xD

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Farmed him once, got mine after 4 or 5 kills.
Rubbish parts though.

He is so back to his old ways been farming him so long i am now capped on money, soon as i am done here i be heading to moxxi bar

Maybe you’ll get a sham from the slots? Might be better odds than BNK-3R!

I wouldn’t be surprised if the slots had a better chance at it.

lol i bet your both right i spend 50 mill and see what i get for fun

Oh I didn’t write that out very clearly.

I got a lot of oranges from him. Only one Sham.

I got the Sham from a chest in the peak.

I got a 94% from the Train.

now that a idea plus that boss is kind of easy

BNK-3R sits upon its throne made of Shams and laughs. It is the king in the Game of Shams.