The Sham Shield

I have grinded in total about 300 level 60 legendary shields and only got 2 Shams from all the grinds, with 81% absorb chance on both. I’ve pretty much given up on the 94% chance one from the grinder and RK5 is bugged, so if anyone has a 94% absorb chance one at level 60 I would trade ANYTHING for it. I was also wondering if anyone else had come across a problem like this before (it is really annoying).

I’m looking for a Level 60 Shock Enforceable Bullpup and purple Shock or Incendiary Practicable or Critical Thinking. If you have any of these we can work out a deal for a 93% Sham.

93%? I didn’t know you could get that or did u miss type. I don’t have any of those items but I’ll see what I can do. I’ll start grinding soon. If you’re interested in anything else let me know, I can give you nearly all level 60 class mods. As an alternative to those shotguns I could also give you a Rustlers Quad with 30% Ignore Shields and a Sinewy Hulk with the same luneshine (All level 60).

PSN: Mr_Kcool11

What’s your’s?

Yeah, 93%. Three purples in the Grinder gave me that beauty. It’s ideal parts on it too but I couldn’t tell you why there is a 1% difference on the card. That’s RNG I guess.

I’m not overly picky with most things but those Hyperion shotguns are really the only thing I want atm. They are hard as hell to find too.


@Mr_Kcool – I’ve got a 94% absorb Sham you can have. Pop into my game if you see me on & I can pass it on (along with that shock Ts4-r).

You’re a better man than I.

Well, to quote a drag queen friend: “Twice the man that you are! And more womanly than you will ever be.”

Awesome, thanks.
I now have Redundant Shock and Cryo Tasers if you want, still farming fire. Unfortunatly I am going away today so we will have to do it over the weekend when I will be back (sorry)!

Wow – good work! Farming those Tasers is so tedious. You da man!