The Sham, will trade multiple legendary's

I can’t get the Sham to save my life. I am about to start UVHM so all my gear is around level 50. I am willing to give up, The Bee, The Impaler, Critical Conference Call with Slag, Monstrous Volcano, Consumate Hellfire, Brisk Baby Maker, Analytic Bitch, Double penetrating unkempt harold and more. Just let me know!

You want a free level 50 sham 89%

Yeah dude!

I will trade a 94% sham

I’m in, let’s all “trade” wink wink

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Im in as well, I have tons of legendaries. GT: swaggymcdudebro

I have a level 61 Sham and some other level 50 to 61 gear to trade for any good level 63 to 65 items. My lv61 gear is getting a little long in the tooth as I get further in the game. Gt is Sover3ignRAZOR and I’m on most nights after 8pm EST. Please help!