The Shield - Secondary Weapon

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There isn’t a lot to say, I think the characters that use a shield as a secondary weapon are fantastic. I just want to point out the delay with pressing the shield secondary (L2) and it actually lifting on the ps4, Boldur and Galilea primarily. I feel it should be as responsive as an attack so it fits in line more with its primary use. I’m not sure if this is a problem that I alone experience or if it bothers anyone else but I’d be great if the brains behind Battleborn could look into it.
Thank you.

I think it’s that way to make the decision to use the shield more significant. If you have somebody firing rockets at you I think it’s unfair if you can pull the shield up just before the rocket hits and then lower it between shots to maintain high foot speed. If you raise the shield you are committing to lowering your agility to block damage. Boldur even has a talent to increase the speed that he raises his shield, so the player has to sacrifice an upgrade for that convenience.

I agree it would be more convenient to make the shield use more fluid but I think if was implemented in that way for a reason.

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I’m pretty sure the skill actually increases his movement speed while blocking, the wiki seems to be inaccurate. It may do both though. Sometimes there seems to be an extra long delay that causes me to try blocking again. I think he should block faster without his axe by default.