The Shocking AAA

Does anyone know if the Shocking AAA has designated drop spot?

KillaVolt, I thought.

Wick and Warty (Rare spawn) in Lectra City.

Is it also in the world drop pool? KillaVolt definitely dropped one last night (along with the Shocking 9 Volt).

Yeah it’s also a world drop.
And btw. KillaVolt is supposed to drop Transformer.

I’m not sure the AAA is in Killavolt’s dedicated loot pool. Farmed him for 10 hours recently and he never dropped one (he dropped quite a few 9-Volts though). Of course I could have just been unlucky (not really unlucky because I’m not farming for this weapon – got quite a few as world drops before).

What Killavolt dropped often was Moxxi’s Bouncing Pair, Transformer and a ton of Woodblockers and Krakatoas. Also some Lyudas, Monocles and Malak’s Banes and a few Cutsmen.

AAA is a world drop, 9 volt is Killavolt dedicated drop. Wick and Warty are recommended by some for farming AAA, but honestly farming bosses that drop a bunch of legendaries at once are probably a better bet.

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I’ve gotten them from both Traunt & Giga

Wick and Warty drop it, I farmed two of them in not too long just yesterday. They obviously don’t spawn on every restart but I had no problem getting it to drop.

Loot Tinks in Jakob’s Estate… I’ve harvested many from there.