The Shocking Vampire - A tanky hybrid Build

Hi there!

First of all, a disclaimer: This build is not the “best min maxed” Amara build out there.
I didn’t like the idea of abusing Phasezerker or going all melee and was looking into different
ways of playing Amara in TVHM mayhem III.
I ended up with a hybrid build that’s focusing alot on survivability,
while still being able to melt through mayhem III.
The Guardian Survival tree helps alot with this particular playstyle.
Specific Items are somewhat required to make this Build what it is.

Hybrid means, that we make use of synergies for melee, hp sustain, shield sustain & general elemental damage (mostly Shock Damage). It’s a brawler build, using close range weaponry that deals shock damage.

I test all my builds with a full run through Athenas on tvhm III.
Was having so much fun, that I ended up here sharing my build and
hopefully improve with your help & input.

First of all: Skilltree
As you can see I’m kind of all over the place, picking up alot of utility skills.
I’ve build my Skills around specific Items, but we got different options.


This is my favourite atm.
The proc hits extremely hard, since Tempest buffs Shock damage.
Sustainment seems to work with the Nova.
Great utility from the Singularity effect.
Amazing Shield “uptime” due to Guardian Rank buffs and the refill mechanic of the shield itself.

This one turns you into into a walking conduit.
Shock damage from shield seems to proc Sustainment.
You still conduit in fight for life.
It’s an amazing shield, that allows you to stay close in dangerous situations,
since the Shock effect constantly leeches hp for you.
Together with dmg reduction from Helping Hand(s) you can stay close and get the most
out of Personal Space.

If you don’t have these, you could definitely use the Multivitamin Quest shield.
And other Ideas for the shield slot are very welcome!

Class Mods

This is what I’m currently using,
You can get it from a Vending machine actually.
With 9/5 in Tempest (90% shock dmg) this class mod pretty much enables the playstyle.

A great alternative could be a Breaker mod.
DMG reduction & increase with Personal Space.

All this melee damage won’t go to waste, since we add even more survivability
with a 75% melee lifesteal mod.
Now I was lucky to get a lifesteal otto idol

But a purple Lifesteal will do aswell.

Those Items are somewhat key. You can see that this is a real “carebear” build.
I don’t like glasscannons personally :wink:

I realized while playing around with that much Shock damage increase, that
I can keep using my Shock weapons, even against armor & flesh. In some cases they performed better.

I list some amazing Shock weapons that I used when testing this in Athenas mayhem III
(I made sure to test without elemental buffs from mayhem modifier)

Chain Lightning, this one is just fun
All 3 projectiles hit the target if close/“shotgun effect”
This weapon turned out to be better than fire/corrosive against flesh/armor
(you can play around with infusion & forcefull expression of course)
And a cutsman. Not a fan of charging weapons, this one hit’s hard tho.

Nothing is really set in stone with this build, you can change around alot of skills
if you don’t need the utility or the sustain.
Alot of you are probably doing something like this already,
playing around with shock procs of certain shields and buffing Amaras shock damage.
Please let me know if there are great alternatives when it comes to skills/items and so on :slight_smile: