The "Show Me The Eridium" Mini-Event Returns! New Loot Machines Arrive April 8

All players can collect tons of rare Eridium for the next week, as well as utilize Crazy Earl’s Reroll and Maurice’s Black Market Vending Machine when they’re added on April 8

It may be April Fools’ Day, but today’s news is no joke, Vault Hunters! Another Borderlands® 3 limited-time mini-event kicks off later today, and starting April 8 , two new machines are being added to the base game: Crazy Earl’s Reroll and Maurice’s Black Market Vending Machine , both of which will be available to all players at no additional cost.

Crazy Earl’s Reroll is a huge boon to Vault Hunters looking to get the most out of their gear. In exchange for some Eridium, Crazy Earl’s contraption will replace the existing Anointment on a specified item. Anointments are powerful effects that can unlock the full potential of your character build. By rerolling the Anointments on your favorite pieces of gear, you can create the most optimized loadouts.

As for Maurice’s Black Market Vending Machine , all we know is this vending machine offers top-tier Legendary loot and will be hidden in a new location within the base game each week. It’ll be up to the Borderlands community to track down Maurice’s Black Market Vending Machine each week and see what he’s got.

BL3 Show Me the Eridium Event

But that’s not all! Today through April 8 , you can take advantage of the limited-time Show Me the Eridium mini-event in Borderlands 3. You can expect Eridium drops from standard enemies, increased Eridium drops in Mayhem Mode, discounted Eridium costs to use Moxxi’s Vault Line slot machine, and a discount on all the items sold by Crazy Earl in the Cargo Bay of Sanctuary III. This is the perfect time to snag tons of the rare Eridium element, especially if you’re preparing for the incoming raid boss.

As part of the Director’s Cut add-on launching on April 8 , you can take on a raid boss encounter against a humongous Varkid known as Hemovorous the Invincible. In order to open the door to Hemovorous’ lair on Pandora, your group will need to deposit 500 Eridium to prove you’re serious about taking on this endgame challenge. By stocking up on Eridium now, you’ll have the means to confront the raid boss straight away, though you could also choose to spend some Eridium at Crazy Earl’s Reroll to perfect your loadout ahead of this intense battle.

The Show Me the Eridium mini-event runs from 9:00 AM PT on April 1 to 8:59 AM PT on April 8, ending just before the launch of Director’s Cut and the update containing the two new machines. If you don’t own Director’s Cut yet, you can purchase it individually or as part of Borderlands 3 Ultimate Edition or Season Pass 2.* The add-on will bring all-new ways to play, including a monstrous raid boss, new murder mystery story missions, and behind-the-scenes content.

BL3 - Director's Cut - Diamond Armory

In addition, Director’s Cut includes three Vault Cards, which are your tickets to a new progression system featuring daily and weekly challenges. By completing challenges, you gain progress toward unlocking themed rewards, including unique Legendary gear, tons of new cosmetic items, and a brand new in-game resource: Diamond Keys .

To learn more about how Vault Cards and Diamond Keys work, you can refer to this comprehensive guide on Please note that, at this time, Vault Cards can only be accessed by players who own the Director’s Cut add-on and can’t be purchased individually or separately. Similarly, Diamond Keys must be earned through gameplay and cannot be purchased individually or separately.


I hope it’s not an April’s Fool joke


If it is a joke though - ooh, I’ll get my popcorn. :wink:

If true - is Maurice’s machine then just like that dude from Destiny, Xur or what’s his name?

Also - you get a random anointment with re-roll, per description in that linked article. So, hope folks have plenty of Eridium saved up.



It’s legit, if this was a joke it would be far too cruel. :smiley: I mean a reroll machine is something tons of us have been clamoring for since eternity.

Maurice’s machine looks interesting, I wonder if it will make gear like M4 and M6 exclusive gear (some of which is considered top tier) available in lower mayhem levels and vanilla mode.


There was a hint in the announcement for Eridium mini-event, that DLC6 will bring additional uses of Eridium besides raid boss entrance fee, so may be it is real. :man_shrugging:


• Crazy Earls Reroll Machine (anointment rerolling machine on Sanctuary that costs eridium each use)

• Maurice’s Black Market Vending Machine (vending machine that randomly teleports around the Borderlands from week to week with top tier legendary loot that costs $)

I want to EXPLODE with excitement but I’m scared…scared to believe…


Yeah can it be next week already? I mean I’ve always loved BL3 (warts and all) but this stuff, plus the DLC6 stuff, has got me hyped. :smiley:

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if this is legit, i would i also need season 2 pass for this or would this be free update ? as not got season 2 as never felt need to buy it but if its true and behined season 2 only thats kinda annoying.

It’s base game content, no DLC needed.


This is awseome! Keep it up GBX!

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Eh, I’d say it isn’t. From a business standpoint, that would honestly be a dumb move. Pranking the fanbase like that should be the last thing they do.

Not that I think that they’re above pranks, there’s just some that go too far.

This is wondrous. If next week patch brings some well needed Fl4k 4th tree changes and the works, I will… well I wouldn’t know what I will do. Would definitely be too excited.

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i see, guess it gives use for eriduim , though i hope rerolll thing stays about perm and isnt tempory event.

Now I want to know how re-roll feature is implemented. They say it’s random - but:

  • If I’m Fl4k - can it produce anointment for another VH?
  • True random draws can produce ‘no change’ outcomes, i.e. you get what you put in. That would be disappointing…
  • What if I put in un-anointed item? Will it still work?

Edit: wording is “it will replace existing anointment”, so I guess putting in non-anointed item won’t work.


Any idea on the cost? It needs to be fairly low considering the massive number of anoints in the pool. Even if you could narrow it down to selecting from a pool of class-specific or non-specific pool, it would be a lot of rerolling for the few that are desirable.

Ideally you’d have a few options to choose from for each reroll. I’ll hold my excitement until after I see how this goes.


Curious as well, asked the same thing.

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Question: Can the re-roll machine only replace an existing anointment or can it also be used to add anoints to items that didn’t drop with one (either just due to RNG when playing on no or low Mayhem or because it’s one of the items that don’t come anointed, like a lot of quest reward weapons)?


what i want to know is… can it also put anointments on weapons that cannot roll any at the moment (or are they receiving anointments?) or are they finaly getting anointed?

still not the biggest fan of the whole anointment (powercreep) thing…