The "Show Me The Eridium" Mini-Event Returns! New Loot Machines Arrive April 8

The loot machines are events or add to the game ?

Tell the dev team I’m ready to give them a Big Succ for this, and I’m not talking about the quest assault rifle :smirk:


@Noelle_GBX, this is truly a step in the right direction for BL3. I just hope it’s not too late to recover some players.

I’m excited to see this addition


Gbox, you listened. I love you.


So will I have to spend Eridium to re-roll the console crashes and have it nerfed finally. Maybe re-roll the text size during split screen as well to make it better and have the UI perform as it should, you know like BL1, BL2 and BLTPS

I did the Guardian Takedown this morning and got the Globetrottr, Smog and Web Slinger all at once, but with bad anointments, so I sold them.

The announcement of a reroll feature both pleases me and hurts my soul. Well played, Gearbox.


We did it Bois! Anoint reroll machine! W00t!

Now how about a buff on that split-screen text size?


They will be added on April 8 even if you don’t own any DLC for Borderlands 3.

The Crazy Earl one will always be in Sanctuary, the Maurice one will change position (among vanilla maps) each week, but it should stay in the game indefinitely.

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The new machines are definitely welcomed! Not much of a raid guy so they’ll be better use of my eririum. Even though I probably have less than the average and spread over 16 VHs.

My bet is it will be the same “as usual”. Semi intelligent drops. So you have a better chance at rolls for your class but not by that much.

That is the real question.
I’m afraid it will be more on the higher side. Considering 250 E for the Fabricator Legend mode… Probably in line with 500 E for the raid boss gate.

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This announcement is ■■■■■■■ amazing. If the annointment rerolls don’t cost a ridiculous amount of eridium this could be the thing that permanently improves my opinion of the game. Great stuff Gearbox!


What’s a reasonable cost per roll? The anoint point is so large that it could take several dozen rolls to get the one I want. I think anything over E100 is excessive. E50 seems about right, though I’d prefer closer to E10 as the number of quality of anoints (for me) is very small compared to the size of the pools.

For others, they may have more viable choices.


Thing is I’m sure they won’t “garante” you a good roll with a low cost. You can forget E10 :wink:
Caught a tid bit of the Borderlands show and it seem to indicate that you’ll hesite to reroll a “medium” annoint. Surely wouldn’t try it on gear with a bunch of sub par parts “just to see” or while leveling up a new VH.

Some build, or Mayhem lvl (like me at MM7) might make more anoints viable but I’d say the “good ones” are the exception for everyone.

Realistically it will be 200+


Can’t be much cheaper than a generic Legendary. :man_shrugging:

Eridium reroll cost has to be high enough so that you wouldn’t put Eridium farm ahead of just playing the game, but also low enough so that the addition is meaningful to players.

I don’t know how much Eridium you get for killing bosses, but about 1-3 farms tops for a reroll (so 50-100 eridium) is what I believe they should look towards to. We will see how much it costs next week

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Some of us got a BUNCH of eridium going on

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I think it can be a lot cheaper than a generic legendary from the Gun-Gun. I’ve ready invested the time and resources into getting the drop I want (either grinding a boss, world drops, or the Gun-Gun). To get that ideal drop, I need to find the right element, right firing mode, right parts, etc. On to of that, if I don’t have the right anoint I need to grind that re-roll as well.

If the cost is too high, then where’s my incentive to even bother rerolling the anoint. There’s too much RNG as it is. There are only a few anoints that I’d take on a purple gun and use over a crap-anoint legendary that has the right element and parts.

I know other people will focus more on the anoint and are perfectly happy to use purples. And they aren’t going to be rerolling those because they drop so frequently. Heck you can use greens and whites with 300v90 in some builds and do just fine. But if people are eager to spend tens-of-thousands of eridium to reroll 90% of the anoints, then the problem seems to be with the anoint system.

Regardless, it’s too late for them to change anything. And that they haven’t mentioned how much it costs does not give me much confidence in their execution. I hope I’m wrong. We’ll see in a week.


Well this is a game changer and very nice to have now we have to see the price of reroll because we have maybe 50-60 anoints ? 100E would be too much , maybe 10E to 50E i think should be good

Buff some Anoints could be nice too now , and does it work with Shields ?

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Well, looks like I’ll have lots to do after I’m recovering from my surgery next week… Sweet!

Maybe I skimmed too fast, but can you re-roll non-anointed gear and get an anointment? @Noelle_GBX


A chance at the right anoint, or at least a chance to reroll a bad one, on a gun you already farmed for element and parts worth a lot lot more than one random roll from the world drop pool. That’s a no brainer.

The goal with the reroll machine won’t be to give almost everyone the anointment they want on half their gear. The goal will be to have a chance to reroll that terrible anointment on that otherwise god (one) roll drop.
Given we’ve been stacking Eridium for over a year now you should have enough for many, many rolls. While still keeping it high enough so you won’t be able to get the one you like on every decent drop. You will have to choose. Wisely.

I like the 200+ from @RobCheap. They could make it a little cheaper. Because of all the time invested as you stated. But not much more than that.
Or they could make sure you think twice before pressing that button.
Bit Like in Diablo III. Don’t do it if it’s your only good one. Unless like right now you have tons of Eridium accumulated. They won’t last eternally thoug. That’s for sure.
And something of a good news.