The "Show Me The Eridium" Mini-Event Returns! New Loot Machines Arrive April 8

Not if one is on console… No gibbed for PS4 atm. Nice virtue signalling btw.


Something is indeed busted with this Eridium event: had it working on Desolation Edge, but after moving to Tazendeer Ruins and then Pyre of Stars, all eridium drops stopped.

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I’m going to have to play the other VHs more to get a benefit out of rerolling. I think the game has been trolling me recently, I keep rolling +100% Cryo on my weapons for Zane . . . but it won’t be fixed until Thursday at earliest. It’s been a dead anoint for quite a while, lol.

I’ll throw my 11k Eridium into . . . I dunno, something else. Soloing Hemovorous and dying repeatedly :smiley:

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