The Shows & Series Thread

Ok…there seems to be threads for books, movies, music & games, but, aside From (Software) a few topics devoted to specific shows (Dragonball, Game of Thrones, etc) there does not seem to be one for shows & series.

So…which shows are you watching?

What genres are you into?

What are your favourite networks?

Have anything good to recommend?

I am a huge food / cooking / travel / culture / history / science / nature / technology / biography buff, so I love the Food Network, Discovery, National Geographic, Nova, PBS, A&E, Bravo, the History Channel, etc.

Watch a lot of comedy, anime, sci if & drama, too.

Ok, I have a lot of time on my hands and I guess I like good shows in every genre.

I watch one-two Chopped episodes every day without fail.

Anthony Bourdain’s (RIP, truly tragic) A Chef’s Tour, the Layover, No Reservations, and Parts Unknown I have seen every episode of multiple times.

Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern is great.

My dad and I recently started watching Dark on Netflix, crazy German LOST / Twin Peaks / Stranger Things / etc-esque science fiction time travel craziness, it’s excellent!

What are you all into / currently watching?


i’m watching the deterioration of the human mind, it’s an episodic series that I watch online, it’s text based and it’s about someone who’s mental stability deteriorates on a daily basis until the person ends up completely insane.


That sounds really cool!

Oh I also wanted to say…Amazon Prime Video in this last 6 months ish has REALLY upped their game and has an absolutely insane, ridiculous amount of content now in every TV & movie genre imaginable, ESPECIALLY if you search their library for keywords you are interested in (food, science, history, culture, etc) rather than just browsing the shows they list on their main category pages.


Oh man where to start – I like pretty much anything non-supernatural/horror :ghost:

Currently on the last episode of Black Mirror and was on a comedy kick recently, so some of my top suggestions for that (all on Netflix):

  • Lunatics - mockumentary featuring the same actor playing in the (very different) lives of six different characters (dope as ■■■■!)(secretly a reference)(secretly)
  • I Think You Should Leave - comedy sketch series
  • It’s Bruno! - follows the life of a guy living in Brooklyn and his beloved puggle Bruno; has relatively short episodes and is just hilarious, please watch

Drama-wise, recent mentions would be Ozark and Osmosis (Netflix)

I also like anime and am currently watching Code Geass, I had been meaning to for a while; always heard it was good and it’s certainly living up to it :upside_down_face:

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Let’s see, how much time do we have? :wink:
Some of the stuff isn’t exactly new, but who cares?

  • Doctor Who, a.k.a. the Blue Box Adventures
  • American Gothic, horror series produced by Sam Raimi
  • Rome, mix of history and drama around Caesar’s time
  • Sherlock, best British series of the last few years
  • X-Files, my introduction to supernatural series
  • Supernatural, because every myth or legend can be used for a plot (basically it’s an Adaption of White Wolf’s Hunter RPG)
  • Big Bang Theory, well who dislikes that one…
  • Firefly, because “thou shalt not kill, but the bible is a bit fuzzy on the subject of kneecaps”
  • Torchwood, Doctor Who for slightly more adult audiences
  • Harper’s Island, in effect one Slasher film in 13 episodes. Story told, no loose ends, no sequel.

Apart from those I have Good Omens on my list of series to watch very soon…

Yep, loved the guy, top.

Concerning food, sometimes I find myself watching reruns of Man vs. Food with Adam Richman

Anime I don’t watch a lot, but I like Hellsing and Samurai 7 may just be my favourite anime series ever.

Flowers for Algernon in dark?


I don’t really watch a lot of TV like I used to and here are some of my favorite shows in no particular order;

Keep in mind, I prefer Cartoons over sitcoms/live action shows.

  • DuckTales (2017) - It’s just as good as the original.

  • MLP:FiM - Who doesn’t love these adorable colorful equines?

  • Kim Possible - A classic that still holds up.

  • Hanazuki - It’s kinda like MLP crossed with Steven Universe.

  • My Life as a Teenage Robot - I wish it never ended on a cliffhanger.

  • Equestria Girls - Spin-off of FiM and a really good one at that.

  • Gravity Falls - This one does not need an introduction. It’s AWESOME.


Great answers, all!

I’ll respond in greater detail later!


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For you fans of comedy with Amazon Prime Video, the third season of an awesome Japanese comedy show called “Documental” just dropped.

It’s an awesome premise - this one notorious and successful Japanese comic (can’t recall his name, something Matsumoto…) gathers ten veteran Japanese comics together.

Each comic must put up a million yen (yuan?) of their own money (I’m guessing it’s probably equivalent to about 10,000 American dollars) and at the end, the last comic standing wins the whole pot of 11 million yen (the organizer host guy also puts up a million yen of his own money).

So, he locks these 10 comics in a little apartment type living space (has various props scattered around, fully stocked fridge and kitchen, washroom with shower, locker room, etc) for 6 hours.

The challenge?

If you laugh, or even just smile too much or almost fully laugh, you’re out and you leave.

In season 3 (which I’ve only seen one episode of 5) he adds a new twist - the comics who break and laugh don’t leave when that happens. They stay on as “zombies”, can laugh freely, and can work (solo or with other “zombies”) to make the remaining comics laugh and potentially force a “no contest” where every contestant gets their money back.

It gets pretty ridiculous!


Ok, you all NEED to watch “Dark” on Netflix.



It popped up on my suggestions list this weekend, maybe it’s a sign


EDIT: Also, it has EXCELLENT dubbed English audio if you don’t feel like constantly reading (although I have subtitles on for everything, all the time).


All hail letterkenny

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Currently rewatching Foster’s Home.

I forgot how funny this show was!


Queen of the South and Yellowstone are the two I am watching right even though I have a backlog to catch up on with Tin Star and other’s on either Amazon or Netflix.


Black mirror. Do yourself a favor.


Indeed. :frowning_face:

One of the few from the 90’s that still holds water. The 1st season is epic other than the space ghost episode trashfire.

I enjoy the nods to Rick & Morty and vice versa.

I just heard about this yesterday because a coworker showed up to work yesterday and apparently his Halloween costume was the guy in your post.

OT: If anyone is a fan of anime or HEAVY METAL style music to animation check this out on Netflix. It was amazing.


Not seen the Anime you mentioned illogik, but it did remind me of another netflix animation series that came out this year I quite enjoyed.

I think it was called love death and robots, a dozen or so short animations with many varying styles. Some were really interesting and most only 5 or 10 minutes so easy to digest in bite sizes.

I also liked a new show called Warrior this year based on a manuscript Bruce Lee was writing before he died.

About the battling tong gangs in the late 1800’s in San francisco.
Pretty decent choreography in it for a tv show.


The only show I watch if it’s on is Ghost Adventures. I can binge that show.

I watched the pilot of His Dark Materials the other night. We’ll finish the series but I wasn’t overly impressed. They took some unnecessary liberties with the story already and my concerns about James McAvoy as Asriel were founded.

My parents watched The Mandalorian on Disney+ earlier and they enjoyed it.