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Another sphincter clenching moment.

This has so much potential. I’m not excited David Goyer is involved. He’s competent but that’s about it. So they went with safe and boring.

And @stocky

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I watched this just to say I did, and my gods…Absolutely insufferable. No more than 3 episodes. It’s incredibly difficult to believe this is their biggest show ever. Either they’re lying out their asses trying to fake-hype it to get people to watch it, or the general public just has awful awful taste.


Ding ding ding. We have a winner!!! Tell the lovely lady what she’s won, Rod!!

Bob, she’ll be sitting pretty and basking in the glorious shining light of her own impeccable taste while she watches basically anything that isn’t dreadfully dull and is also at least mildly amusing on her very own TV!!!

(Disclaimer: the aforementioned TV is whatever she currently watches things on, because this isn’t a real game show and Paul is just making stuff up because he can and he looks less crazy typing these posts than he does trying to explain the subjunctive tense to his 3 year old while said 3 year old screams “■■■■ you I won’t do what you tell me!!” at him over and over again.)


Always excited to hear of any new adaptations of Gaiman’s work. Will be checking this out when it drops.

Even worse than that. The internet seems to think the main guy from it should now be the new James Bond. The name’s Bond. Wooden as ■■■■ Bond.

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My wife started watching it, so I peeked over her shoulder for a bit. Big fat NOPE. She started watching it because she’d already read the book (books?) She quit watching it for essentially the same reason - didn’t like what the writer/director did with it.

QFT, although I think lockdown must have made a whole bunch of people crazier for anything new than they would be normally. (And therefore much less discerning)

Thank goodness there’s 20 seasons of Time Team on YT - now there’s some serious historical drama! Paleolithic, mesolithic, neolithic, bronze/iron age, Roman, anglo-saxon, medieval, tudor…


I am at 8/9 episodes into this Jefe. I am not sure my words can accurately describe how bad it is. The casting for the most part is pretty bad. Greg Kinnear’s, Glen and the guys that played Tom and maybe Harold, being the only members of the cast that fit for me.

I have no clue who came up with the new version of Lloyd, but that person definitely just earned their place in the fiery pits of hell for eternity. Just painful to watch in every single scene. And don’t get me started on what they did to poor Trashman.

Worse than the bad casting and reimagined characters though by far is the almost epileptic disjointed non linear way they decided to tell the story. It tells the story in a combination of flashbacks and forwards that by the end of episode 1 you already know every character that made it to Boulder, instantly removing all the tension and danger any character faced upon reaching that point in the book (probably about 70% of the entire book). As you lose characters throughout the show, you don’t care at all because you hardly know them, unlike in the book.

Because the story is told in a non linear way, and very badly to boot, by the time you’re at the end you have practically no idea what any of the characters motivations are unless you already know the book. The bit with Trashman at the end is probably making anyone who viewed it without knowing the source material scratch their heads in a complete WTF?

People complained about the 94 mini series missing out on a lot of the plot points in the book at the time. Those same people are probably now comparing the 2 versions and defending the 94 one like it was Citizen Kane it was that much better.

10/10 I approve this message :+1:

I just watched the first 2 episodes of this.

I quite enjoyed it, but I am biased as I really like Alan Tudyk :slight_smile:


It’s so wonderful to have a “I-watched-it-so-you-don’t-have-to” friend.

I had my eye on Resident Alien too. On the list it goes.

At the moment : Fargo S4. Have I ever told you (I have, many times) how much I love Noah Hawley? Hands down my favourite writer in TV. Obviously Legion is his, which is the other best show of all time. Fargo S1 was incredible. Season 2 was the best TV I’ve ever seen. Season 3 lost me however, but I really really dislike Ewan McGregor post-Trainspotting so to have two of him was…two too many.

Therefore I was a bit tentative to bite the S4 bullet. I needn’t have, it’s every bit as worthy as any other Hawley endeavour.

Also still slowly working through The Boys. Still love it, I just can only watch so much of it. That writing though. Wow. It’s so wonderfully vicious.

Oops. Forgot : Pretend It’s a City. Martin Scorsese and Fran Lebowitz chat about NYC. Sublime. Do watch.


Funnily enough I stopped watching the show halfway through season 3 too. And probably for similar reasons. Not tried series 4 yet, but I will get to it.

I enjoyed season 1 with Martin Freeman and the guy from Breaking Bad whose name I can never remember, but in my mind he always reminded me of a fat Matt Damon. So now unfortunately I only know him as Fat Damon. I was also a fan of a few actors in season 2, like Jeffrey Donovan who had just finished a long stint as the lead in Burn Notice, so I enjoyed that season too.

I have a lot more time on my hands than you guys, so I can wade through the crap and give you some public health warnings on the worst of it haha. Can also help me snuffle out some hidden gems that would maybe go unnoticed too though :slight_smile:


Just watched season 1 of the Mandalorian. Once I got over the initial disappointment that it was not about a man and his car that time travels when it hits 88mph, I enjoyed it.

I was never really into Star Wars. A tale of good vs evil. Of a lawful empire and the evil terrorist rebel scum that brought them down. I was never much of a fan of films where the bad guys win. The good guys looked like they were going to make a comeback in the second film. Then in the 3rd film you find out the leader of the terrorists is the main good guys son. Then the baddies blew up the new galactic theme park the goodies were building. RIP Deluxe Entertainment And Themed Hotels star. It was all too much for me.

Seriously though I did enjoy The Mandalorian considering my dislike of the films. Reminded me of fun cheesy 80’s sci-fi with better effects. Will take a little break then start season 2 for more baby Yoda fix.


Funny that you see it that way…

Strangely enough, the US like for rebellions may well be an effect of getting told 24/7 how their noble ancestors rebelled to throw off the British yoke and their tea into the harbour.

From the Imperial British side, of course, the story gets a wholly different twist. Stamp ist those rebels with the theme park laser!

Though neither being a US nor a UK citizen, I took a look at how people from my country are depicted in those early American narratives:

Grim, humourless and maybe a bit acephal. Well, I’d say that describes my morning persona before coffee rather well. As does this:


And the film is?


sleepy hollow?

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Correct. :+1:

The Headless Horseman is supposed to be a Hessian mercenary. I grew up about a mile from the Hessian state border :wink:

On topic, last thing I watched were kids’ shows with my gremlins.

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That must have been fun. Growing up at the location of a local myth. I would end up going all Scooby Doo, and go out scaring all the tourists dressed as the horseman if I lived that close to it :slight_smile:

Not seen the film since it came out, but I did watch a couple of seasons of the TV show they did a few years ago.

We’ve had a show that we’ve actually had in the wings for many years : Borgen. My wife’s father sent the first season DVDs from Denmark probably 8 years ago and my wife wasn’t at all interested in a political drama.

I recently remembered I had an open-region DVD player in the closet, dragged it out and popped that show in to make sure it worked. Tada! Instantly sucked in. Great premise : federal election, the two major parties have concurrent scandals that kill them in the polls, resulting in a minor party getting a very slim majority. Then the ensuing power plays and back room deals. Fun stuff.

Of course, I discover shortly after that it’s on Netflix… :roll_eyes:

Also we’ve been torturing ourselves, assuming at some point it’s going to get better, with WandaVision. The Disney effect in full force…
This is one of those “I’ll watch it so you don’t have to” things. Will report after S1 concludes but it’s safe to assume that it will be “don’t bother”.


It bothers me that I type “Disney” with the frequency which I do but this caught my eye as yet another Bad Idea of theirs.

I’m not sure if they realize they’re associating their brand with a bunch of cannibals.

…drunk thumbs posting drunkenly…

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Well, I am not much into series. But I’ve watched selected episodes from certain series with friends. Watched a few episodes of Black Mirror, Sherlock, and Family Guy.

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Started watching Your Honor last night. Only a 1 season limited run. But it’s amazing. Bryan Cranston is fantastic.

A comment on Discord made me think of a Flight of the Conchords song (Hurt Feelings). Naturally this led me to dive back into this incredible show. Hard to believe it’s 14 years old. The tunes are great but the show elevates those tunes to something totally unique and precious. Jemaine and Brett are my spirit slackers.

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