The Shows & Series Thread

Cheers VH. Not watched it yet but my friend has and the first thing he mentioned was how uncoordinated Cho was in the fight scenes. Said the show was ok but hard to get past if you remember the super agile character he is portraying from the anime. Will defo still watch it at some point though.

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It’s certainly good enough to be entertaining but I certainly wouldn’t call it good. I didn’t watch the original so can’t comment on whether it honours it or not (i.e. Ghost in the Machine :-1: ) but it gives the impression that it tries. “A” for effort but “C+” for execution.

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A Mass Effect show?! I imagine the dialogue will go exactly like this


It’s a subtle metaphor exploring the intricacies of inter-species communication from a philosophical and rhetorical perspective. Ponder the meaning of this misleadingly simple exchange as we delve ever deeper into the psychic implications of repeatedly uttering another being’s name.

(Who’s your favourite art-house director? They should probably get to helm this one. It would save significantly on the vfx budget.)



Wheel of Time

It’s not exactly bad but it’s hard to imagine a more derivative story. Sure it’s based on a series of books (fantasy book theory #1 : there’s an inverse relationship between the number of books in a series and the quality of the writing, which is to say : all fantasy writing is bad) but they still opted to make a derivative book into a derivative show.

As it went along, the wife and I ticked off plot point after plot point that was lifted directly from LotR. This is fridge-magnet story-telling at its worst.

And yet after 2 episodes we intend on watching the next two. Go figure.


So not bad enough that it makes watching paint dry seem utterly fascinating. Got it. I started reading the book series a while back, but gave up after about 4 or 5. The author seemed to get lost in his own plot. Plus, at that time, the series was still unfinished. The best part of the series was the prologue.

Kind of a cheap LotR meets bodice ripper fusion; has not aged well.


I just finished up hit monkey a few weeks ago and it was excellent.

Been going hard on succession and can hardly believe it’s only got two episodes left this season.