The Shrieking Devil and Transformer Combination is a CCC Godsend

If you use the Shrieking Devil with the Transformer shield, every nova you emit will end up healing your shield instead of damaging you, granted you have the weapon in the shock element. Making sure that nobody shoots you in between firing animations by staying behind your Barrier, well, expect to have full shields, and expect to have CCC activated more often than not. Question is: what is a solid skill tree layout for this weapon and shield combination…


Using this combo on my splash dmg specked moze and it heals 9k shield at full burst
However it is triggering my incendiary dmg on myself, so moze players should keep that in mind if specked for it

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It sounds like you answered part of your own question in that you can work down the Barrier tree and grab CCC. If you wanted more Novas, maybe work down the Doubled Agent tree and get Double barreled, thus giving your clone the Shrieking Devil as well. Your clone would also gain a Transformer and would be able to sustain himself as well?

The one downfall is that in utilizing Cryo or Best Served cold would ensure a consistent proc of CCC. If you are using a Shocking Shrieking Devil, you’ll want to ensure you are hitting cross to proc Best Served Cold.

These are just general, off-the-cuff, ideas. Hope this helps! :slight_smile: