The significance of technology in Borderlands

Just something I thought up, and think would be interesting to talk about. About the significance of the technological advances in Borderlands, and how it affected the people in its future. Given how technology is today, humans seem to have exceeded the need to want to speak to others face to face. Or at least, I don’t have to go out and meet you personally if I can just talk to you on any social media outlet, or text you with my phone. Human beings have always been social animals, it has been this way since the dawn of our species. The main reason for it, if you were on your own in the world, you were at the mercy of said world. If you did not fit into societal norms, did not perform or fulfilled a role you were supposed to, you were an outcast and left to die.

The significance of the technological advances in Borderlands is this. It destroys the need for societal norms. The reasons for having to act a certain way or appeal to social norms become obsolete, as our own technology fulfilled those niches. It’s one of the many possible reasons I think humanity regressed to how we see it in this series. With the technology that exists in that universe, it made the need for any social ties near obsolete. You could live as you want without fear of consequence because technology fulfilled those needs. It could provide everything to you, food, clothing, and quite possibly anything else you would want or need. It would have allowed the cut of social ties. What need would you have of others, when technology could fulfill that role for you. (For example, Zane and Moze.) Any skill, strengths, and weaknesses become meaningless when you could have some tool, gadget, or any other type of machine make up for what you lack or need in life.

Hence why humanity regressed to a more barbaric, straightforward, carefree version of itself. There was no longer a need to form societal constructs. No longer a reason for us to appeal or shape ourselves to groups, opinions, or expectations of others. In becoming free of our bonds to one another, we were able to freely express ourselves, our desires, both the beautiful and ugly. These people became more focused on themselves, to a degree we today would call narcissistic. More focused on their own desires, professions, and formed their own sense of morality. The people of this universe have long since left behind the petty grievances we have of each other today. What would it matter overall? The only thing technology could not provide or fulfill as a role on its own, was the ability to conquer near-impossible feats. No, the defiance of logical outcome and reason would still ultimately be left to human beings. That indomitable will, that insane drive, the human spirit, whatever you call it, technology can not mimic or determine it. If no one person could fulfill this feat on their own, then the aid of others would be required. That is one social niche I don’t think any technological advancement could fulfill. Both in this game and in the real world.