The Silent Nerf - GBX removing slug rounds helix choice

Ok so I run ALOT of Ghalt, about 70 pvp matches with him total so far, and I can honestly say I love his slug shotgun option. It has so much utility, being able to damage from mid distance and still sorta devastate up close. It gives me the versatility I needed with him, being able to effectively tightening his spread effect into a single round that if aimed correctly can do devastating damage. It all around made him more versatile imo.

There is only one problem though, they are removing it and giving him extra shields and recharge rate or something.

In light of this new change I decided to run the wider spread, and truthfully I just hate it. I mean I know it’s suppose to give more damage up close due to more pellets but it honestly felt less when I used the helix choice. The wider spread makes it feel like I’m tickling them instead of doing damage, not giving that full shotgun effect of doing more damage up close, or any range really. This is even with precision shots the damage feels much smaller. And given the size of Ghalt (he’s almost as big as Montana) his movement speed, and this ability to get out parsed by melee and the skirmishers close range he kinda feels lacking without the precision damage of the slugs.

Hopefully with the new shield helix choice the regular shotgun blasts tighter spread will give me a feeling that resembles the slugs, but I dunno, it really feels like a nerf to me.

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