The single most broken thing in this game are the invisible mines

The maps are made to be super small with lots of hallways. So invisible mines that can be right at the turn of a corner is bad.

But on top of that they can’t even be destroyed if you try to prefire spots. AND you can have multiple mines down at once.

No downsides to using the mines because they can’t be destroyed and can’t be seen. With all these small maps that have a lot of turns, it’s just broken.

To nerf them I feel like they should be visible or be able to be destroyed.

They do have a rather lengthy cooldown, though. I’ve been using them ever since I unlocked them, not because I felt they were particularly good, but in general I just sort of like the “trap” aspect of them. Also sometimes your opponent will step on a mine while you’re at the other side of the map, and it doesn’t feel like you can get there quick enough to really make use of it.

My opinion may change if I played against more opponents that used the Mines, but so far in about 15 matches, I’ve only played against one person who used them, and they didn’t feel particularly OP. And as a full-time user of the Mines, they don’t really feel that great from my side, either. As I said, I like the aspect of setting down traps, but I don’t think they’re OP.

I mean, considering they have a 40 second cooldown time and do no direct damage, its hard to see how they can be that OP compared to some of the other ability cards. You have to remember, these mines are taking up a valuable ability slot that could have something far harder to deal with, like the turret, or adrenaline rush.

Sure I’ve got plenty of kills from mines, usually I place them around health, but that’s hardly a sustainable kill strategy with the super long cooldown.

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Actualy mine grant a 8 second slow and mark-to-death.

What make it OP

  • Time wrap (go back 5 seconds ago) would not even be a great idea against this.
    *The slow is around 80% movement speed mommentum reduction (basicly slower in EVERY direction)

What would make the concept of the mine more interesting

Become a 2-3 second slow and a 5-6 second mark.

So that if he Time wrap. you still know the location and if he doesn’t you’d have the first shot guaranteed.

EDIT: I’m a very bad writer.