The size and comparative scale of ships in the HW universe

Another attempt from myself to prompt an response from an official source.

How big are the ships in Homeworld? Are all of the .OBJ files scaled correctly with each other? Is Homeworld 1 scaled in the same manner as Homeworld 2? Is the movement disc an accurate representation of distance?

This has been a hot topic for over a decade and I’m kinda wanting it resolved. ^^

E.G. In-Game, the Kushan Scaffold is about 1.3 Kilometers, however in the game’s manual it’s stated to be 25.6 Kilometers. Which is it? Or are both incorrect?

Obviously, we know that HW2 ships are scaled with HW2 ships, and likewise HW1 to HW1; but after the above is answered (as to whether or not the games or manuals take priority in canon) can you also state two specific heights for us as a reference? The height of the Pride of Hiigara at the height of the Kushan Mothership and the same canon scale.

Feel free to discuss your speculations below, but please be polite, and be willing to accept the true-scale if an official source presents it.

Have you tried summoning them with the @ command? I remember them saying if you had a quesiton, that was the best way to do it, not hope that they magically and telepathically feel your urgent need to get a reply from them :smiley:

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I’m not so fussed about how quickly they get around to replying. :smiley:

But who do I request? @Gearbox?

You can measure things using the move command.

Fighters are more or less the sizes you would expect, but I believe somebody ran the numbers and realized the mother-ship and it’s cryotrays are not big enough to fit 600,000 people.
The level of detail between capital ships and strike craft also seems off. If the dots on the sides of capital ships are intended to be windows, then strike craft are much larger than they should be judging by the size of cockpit canopies and the Taiidan heavy corvette’s door.

I also remember reading an old thread back from the time of HW1 where somebody looked at the in game files and decided the units given were “Meters” even though this gave results that made strike craft absurdly large, and conflicted with in game measurements. However if those units are interpreted as imperial feet, everything lines up perfectly. No idea why the devs used feet for the files and meters for distances.

I wonder what it would be like if somebody made a real scale mod for HWR which puts the Mothership at manual sizes, and scales capital ships up proportionately, but keeps strike craft at an anthropomorphic scale (IE, so the door on the Taiidan heavy corvette is still human sized). Balancing huge capital ships and tiny strike craft might be difficult I guess.

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That’s my question, Alex, is the movement disc an accurate tool for measuring the length, height, width, and/or depth of a ship?

Well, first off, we’d need to know the real & canon scale in order to get such a mod. :stuck_out_tongue: I think I’d absolutely love that though.

The main people to try would be @joekgbx @BitVenom and @Jeffybug :smiley:

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Whelp. You’ve beat me to it! :smiley:

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Turn off Nlips in the game.

The ships will show their true size. Fighters are TINY.


Yeah I definitely don’t think that strike craft are to scale. I find it hard to believe that a 1 or 2 man scout cockpit is larger than the windows on the bridge of a frigate. Either strike craft are larger, with like 5 man crews for fighters and maybe like 20 for corvettes, and they have really huge windows with two-deck bridges… Or they are grossly oversized


I’d agree, however in other titles, the effects of turning off such options aren’t don’t always result in true-scale.

Bumping this in case it was glanced over.
If the devs don’t wish to present a true scale and wish to leave it to our imagination, please, do say so. ^^

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You’d probably have to take your complaints to the original HW devs for that one :stuck_out_tongue:

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I don’t know man… I’d be happy for any official scale, Gearbox, BBI, or otherwise. ^^

It seems to be accurate for capital ships, but strike craft are disproportionately large, and the Mothership/Cryo-trays are not big enough to carry as many people as the game says they do.

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Assuming that the mothership itself is to scale, that is, which it might not be… :confused:

People forget to turn off Nlips in the options menu.

If you don’t know what that is, turn it off. Then try to find your fighters. Good luck.


Disabling Nlips merely shows the true-size of the 3D model.

I’m asking if the models themselves are all to true-scale. ^^

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Looking at that video, I would say; No. They are not true to scale.

But I don’t have an official say.

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In those videos, they used the 3D models as they were scaled when opened in the 3D editors, without consideration for whether or not it was the canon scaling.

Not telling you off for posting it; just clarifying that they’re not confirmed to be the correct sizes. ^^