The sky is falling lore challenge

Can someone please tell me the best lvl to get phoebe the sky is falling lore challenge done. I need to hit 8 enemies at once with her ultimate skill 5 times. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

I’ve been able to complete a few ticks of it on The Renegade against the big Elite Thrall spawns but it’s tough since all the 8 enemies need to be hit at the same time; if some die before it hits everyone it doesn’t register… :confused: And 8 enemies?

I’d really appreciate some tips too!

EDIT: Done! :slight_smile: Completed on The Archive, the infinite Jennerit spawns are handy (And they don’t deal as much damage as Varelsi)

The easiest way I found this one is to play the algorithm and get to the cold room after you defeat Geoff. Simply run around and let those two big swarmers spawn the little ones. Then run to an area where you won’t hit the big guys (so they can keep spawning for you) and unleash your ultimate on the group of tiny ones. You’ll be able to knock this out really easily there and only take as long as your cooldown for the skill.

If you need help with her True Strike lore where you need to do X damage with one strike, let me know.

I managed this on The Void’s Edge. A good number of areas where there are a large number of enemies spawned. Plus the boss spawns tons and there is void space where it is pretty easy to corral skulks together and drop your ult.

I appreciate all the help you guys have given me with this challenge. I just need to do the sky is falling two more times!! And I will have her lore complete. That will be my sixth character I believe with thier lore complete. I have done alani, ambra, ghalt, miko, and marquis. Once I complete phoebe I was wondering what character I should try out next and go for thier lore. What are your guys thoughts? What character should I go for. Also if you play on Xbox one. I’m looking for friends to play with as I am usually a loner on this game. My Gt ThinkH2o. If I can get four more people to help join me in a party to get that achievement that would be awesome as well. I really need more friends who play this game as much as I do.

Maybe try out Melka or Boldur. Melka is very mobile which might feel nice after playing Phoebe. Boldur is just unkillable if you manage his shield and over shield well, plus he is hilarious. But I might be bias since those are two characters I have been enjoying.

Unfortunately, I play on PC and I don’t play as much as I use to. But finding more people will make a lot of challenges easier to do, specially Boldur’s “Oath of the Woodsworn” where you need a full team of Eldrid character. 5 Man Boldur is really silly and has a terrible start when only 1 of your group knows what they are doing.

You seem to like squishies with big numbers. You might wanna try El Dragõn or Mellka.

OK so… hmm… I got lucky. Twice. I got both The Sky is falling and Addonexus during Algorythm normal.

I tried in the cold room, there were two big swarmers, waited for a while for them to generate small swarmers, and activated the ultimate. And… killed everything and completed that lore. From 0 to 5, just like that.

And during Isic, I tried pluging the Blade rush at its core and it never reached 1800. But during the fight, there were small bots and by accident, hit them at very close range with it and that was it, it triggered…